Are You Letting Technology Bring Down Your Life?

Social media and technology, although super accessible and easy to use, often complicates our lives and creates unnecessary drama because we often allow ourselves to get too involved in what goes on virtually — neglecting the reality happening in our own lives.

Collectively these two entities have changed how we do just about everything in our lives, keeping us connected like never before. There are definitely great benefits to both, but at the same time they can have a negative affect on our lives, impacting how we live it.

Below are just a few clear indications that with the help of technology you may be ruining your life.

  • Too Much Noise 1 of 8

    Having an account on every social network you can think of can be stressful and (in my opinion) unnecessary. Always feeling the need to constantly update your statuses, being involved in everyone's drama, and keeping up with the virtual Joneses is quite frankly exhausting and stressful.

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  • Love Interrupted 2 of 8

    What the brain thinks and what the heart feels often gets misconstrued, and is why matters of the heart have no business online.

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  • Don’t say what you mean via an update 3 of 8

    Venting online usually never ends well. Virtually telling someone like it is can get complicated (especially if auto-correct has had its way) when what you say can be traced and thrown in your face at a later time.  If you have something to say to someone say it in person. Don't involve hundreds of your virtual 'friends' to be a part of something that is none of their concern.

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  • Miscommunication 4 of 8

    Tone is something that is often misread on an email, text, or status update. Pouring your heart out to someone virtually can complicate matters by something as simple as a misplaced comma or a full on conversation in all CAPS

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  • Sharing everything 5 of 8

    Insisting on sharing every moment of your life via social media can get tired fast. In my opinion is it not necessary to seek validation in everything you do by sharing every little thing that occurs in your life.

    Some moments are just better left un-shared!

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  • Too involved 6 of 8

    If you stalk your social networks to see who is doing what to whom, it's time you take a social sabbatical because you are way too involved in how your virtual friends are living their lives, and clearly not spending enough time living yours. 

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  • Not paying attention 7 of 8

    There is ABSOLUTELY no justification for pure lack of common sense. Risking others because of your own inability to put the phone down is irresponsible and can not only ruin your life, but others as well. 

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  • Detail in words 8 of 8

    The use of slang and acronyms in our written communication takes out the true meaning of our words. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Use actual words to get your point across and leave the Internet slang alone.  

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