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YouTube is probably the number one how-to guide people resort to for instructions on how to complete a wide array of tasks, projects, and other jobs that require more than two steps. The challenge with using YouTube is there are a ton of crappy less than desirable videos to sort through. When you do find a few decent videos that fit what you’re looking for, it’s not uncommon to sit through a way too long history lesson/back story just to get to the actual steps in the video.

It’s the holiday season — On top of attending or planning parties, preparing food, buying, wrapping, and sending gifts, the last thing you need is to sit through a bunch of 10+ minute, out-of focus, advertisement-filled YouTube videos just to figure out how to [insert that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or energy to figure out here].

Whether you need quick instructions for a task you need to complete on the fly, or want to share your best tips and tricks with the world, check out these cool apps to convert your smartphone into a pocket how-to guide to accomplish just about anything.

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    Best Apps To Convert Your Smartphone To A How-To Guide via
    Convert your smartphone into a pocket how-to guide to accomplish anything with these mobile apps
  • WikiHow 2 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - wikiHow via

    If you're looking for a how-to guide on just about anything, WikiHow would be the first place to start. Search from its database of thousands of guides ranging from DIY gift projects, to cold and flu remedies, and quickly save guides as bookmarks for quick reference later.

    Free for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

  • Snapguide 3 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - Snapguide via

    The beautifully-designed Snapguide is one of the quickest apps to make a step-by-step guide. Another feature that sets Snapguide apart from the others is the ability to create and add short 1-minute videos — when a photo just won't cut it.

    Free for iOS and Android

  • Guidecentral 4 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - Guide Central via

    If you're the artsy-craftsy type looking for unique, one-of-a-kind projects to make or share, Guidecentral is the app you need on your phone. It's loaded with craft projects that are sure to re-ignite your creative juices.

    Free for iOS

  • iFixit 5 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - iFixit via

    iFixit is the app I use when I want to pop open and tinker with my gadgets and gizmos. The user experience may not be a "cute" as other how-to guide apps, but if you're comfortable with repairing your own electronic devices, iFixit probably has an easy-to-use manual to accomplish the task.

    Free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

  • Instructables 6 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - Instructables via

    Instructables is another to-the-point, user-generated how-to guide for your smartphone. What makes this app special is that the creators put on little DIY contests where users can submit their guides and win prizes and bragging rights.

    Free for iOS and Android

  • Cocktail Flow 7 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - Cocktail Flow via

    As the name suggests, Cocktail Flow is a mobile app filled with how-to guides to create tasty spirits — perfect for those looking to spice up their upcoming holiday social events. The app gives instructions on what ingredients to stock your bar with, and it's always updated with new downloadable drink themes for special events (in-app purchase).

    Free for iOS, Android, $0.99 for Windows Phone

  • iKamasutra 8 of 8
    How-To Guide Apps - iKamasutra via

    Without getting into the "ins and outs" of this particular app, lets just say it's a good app to have handy when you need a how-to guide to try some new "things" to add "excitement" to your normal "routine". The app not only provides simple illustrations, but makes it easy for users to cross off completed moves as well as rate, save and share moves with their partners.

    $2.99 for Android

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