DIY Thank-You Cards For Your Halloween Party


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Throwing a Halloween party for your kids instead of schlepping them around the neighborhood in the dark (and in the cold depending on where you live) may be a viable option. Your kids can hang out with their friends, play games, and get all the candy their little hearts desire in the comfort and safety of your own home.

On the flip-side, planning, hosting, and cleaning up after a Halloween party may not be on your “things to get excited about” list. If you have succumb to the peer pressure based on other parties that you’ve attended think it’s a good idea to send thank-you cards to all of your attendees, creating easy Halloween party thank-you cards with your smartphone and mobile printer that attendees can take with them is just one thing you can quickly cross off your party to-do list.

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    Use your smartphone and mobile-ready printer to create quick and easy Halloween party thank-you cards.

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    You already have a long list of items you need to buy if you're planning a Halloween Party, food to make, and activities to plan. The cool thing about creating thank-you cards out of smartphone pictures is you probably already have the materials: Smartphone, photo-editing app, mobile-ready printer, 4x6 photo paper…and cute kids in costumes.

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    The kids are going to look so adorable in their Halloween party costumes that you and just about all the other parents will be snapping away. Throw in a little strategy and be sure to get your kids to pose for pictures with each and every one of their guests. These pictures are going to be the basis for your cards.

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    Now that you have a good set of images, it's time to create the cards, which are nothing more than the images you took with a little "Thank-you note" as the caption. One of my favorite apps to add text to photos is Over. Simply open the app, select your pictures, and choose from a wide variety of fonts and artwork to create your notes. But don't take too long to create the "perfect caption," the whole idea is to pass them out as your guests leave.

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    Hopefully, you've already done some pre-party prep and loaded your printer with 4x6 photo paper. If so, throughout the event, you can send your captioned photos directly to your mobile-ready printer without missing a moment of the party.

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    When the party is over and it's time to go home, you can include the photo thank-you cards in your guest's candy-filled goodie bag. Now you don't have to worry about thumbing through invites or guest lists a day (or weeks) after the event is over. The only thing that's left is cleaning up after the party.

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