Do We Need "Social Media Guards?"


social media guardI’ve worked really hard this last few months to put my phone down and stop being online all the time. I’ve pretty much put away social media most evenings, and when I go out to dinner with my friends I put my phone away and work hard to look everyone in the eye instead of at a screen. I have to say it’s been great, and there is no doubt that I am happier and less distracted.

But recently my daughter had a sleepover guest, and before I knew it they each had a device my iPhone and my iPad and they each went into different rooms and began texting each other. I didn’t realize what was going on at first until I realized they’d been quiet for a while, but once I did I immediately confiscated all devices and told them play dates were for playing, not staring at screens.

Parenting in the digital age is challenging, isn’t it?

That particular incident was at the forefront of my mind when I watched the latest viral video attempt from Coca Cola, where plastic cones are used to block the view of people’s smartphones. (Okay, that wasn’t the first thing I thought; in fact, the first thing I thought about was my many years working in veterinary hospitals and putting those cones on dogs and how impossible it was and how silly the dogs looked). THEN I thought about how my kid occasionally needs a metaphoric screen guard when she’s home; if I let her, she’d spend all day playing Minecraft and watch YouTube.

So check out the video below. Do you and your family need a social media guard?