Fitness Tracking Has Gone to the Dogs


With all the ways we use technology to track our health, would you consider using similar device to monitor the health and activities of your beloved pooch?

Would you pay $99.95 for a small wireless device (that works a lot like Nike Fuel) which clips to your dog’s collar to collect data on his/her daily activity and rest?

If you have answered yes to both questions then you may want to read along and find out more about Whistle.  The gadget made essentially to monitor your dog  using an accelerometer to collect data on your pet’s daily activities and behavior.

As a dog person, I would absolutely welcome a device like this as I unexpectedly lost my beloved Pomeranian, Moose, to an autoimmune disease seven months ago.  After eight years of unconditional love and affection, she was suddenly taken from me.  Just like that she was gone and I was left wondering what were the warning signs she might have been given me that I did not pick up on.

Being able to monitor and observe changes in her daily activity would have alerted me to take action.  It might have even possibly given me the opportunity to help keep her healthy and extend her life.  In the end I will never know, but I know that anything to help prevent a disease is much easier than to having to treat one.






Quote source: GigaOm

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