Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update Biggest Change in 3 Years


google hummingbird updateIn honor of Google’s 15th birthday, the largest update to Google’s algorithm in three years was released on Thursday. Except, of course, the update has already been in place for a month without a formal announcement.

There are two core elements to the change: the continued upgrading of semantic search and the knowledge graph, and the addition of more voice controls.

While Google has updated its algorithm continually often hundreds of times a year there hasn’t been this big an update since the Caffeine update in 2010. Updates such as Panda and Penguin were only tweeking elements of the algorithm, but Google Hummingbird is such a big change that it’s not unlike getting a new car engine.

There is a LOT to take in about the update, but this video is particularly helpful in explaining. I’m sure we’ll be covering this a great deal over the coming months!

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