10 Reactions to iOS — Plus Info on Some of Its Hidden Features!

I’m an Apple nerd. I admit it. So I spent much of yesterday afternoon, as so many of us did, trying to download the updated operating system for my iPhone. While I was initially told it would take 19 hours to download (!!!), it finally finished updating last night and I got to spend a while with the new iOS.


There’s much to like about it (and, fair enough, plenty to dislike), but as my twitter friend Jeff said this morning, iOS 7 is “both new and familiar.” It’s so similar in most navigation elements that my daughter didn’t even blink when she looked at it. However, there are a few issues that I’ve seen brought up over and over, and I’ve addressed some of these in the slides below.

But the absolute number one complaint I’ve seen is about closing out apps. In the old iOS, you double tapped your home button and then long-touched the app icon to bring up the option to close it.  It’s even more simple now but it is completely different; now when you double tap on the home button it brings up a series of “cards” of each app, and long-touching the app doesn’t bring up the close option. Instead, just tap on the “card” above the app icon and swipe up, and there you go! The app is closed.

There are more tips listed below! Enjoy.


  • Check ‘Em Out 1 of 11
    iOS 7 is out! Here are lots of tips and tricks, as well as user's reactions.
  • A bit nervous? 2 of 11
    anti ios 7.jpg

    Some folks don't even want to try the update, particularly those with older phones such as the 4 or the 4S. The good news is, iOS 7 is working fine on those two phones; but if you have the first generation iPhone, well, it's time to upgrade.

  • Big Fan! 3 of 11
    iOS7-logo love

    ...and some of us love it. It can take a bit of getting used to, but there's no doubt that the additional function and features make it a better iOS.

    Yep, the new features make it worth it!

  • Loving the Camera 4 of 11

    You'll be stunned at how the camera has improved. It might not seem to make sense; after all, it's the same camera. But the new features in the camera feature plus the increased speed in function have convinced me to switch back to the main camera app and dump using Camera Plus to shoot. For more info on the camera features, check out this article.

  • More Camera Love 5 of 11
    camera filters

    One of my favorite features of the new camera app is the filters you can shoot in. Plus, it also offers a "square" setting, helping take better photos that I will later edit and upload to Instagram.

  • Freeze Out! 6 of 11

    Major data blockades yesterday! My iPhone swore it would take 19 hours to update (it didn't). In fact, iOS updates counted for 18% of data useage in North America yesterday.


  • Readability Issues 7 of 11
    passcode screen.jpg

    The big changes in appearance are definitely causing some issues for folks with vision issues or even just old eyes like mine. For those with significant vision issues, they are definitely finding the new look of iOS 7 to be challenging.

    Luckily, Heather found a solution.

  • Screen Movement Problems 8 of 11

    I'm deeply prone to motion sickness, so I was bummed to hear that so many people found the screen animations in iOS 7 to cause nausea. I haven't had that problem, thank goodness, but I'm sorry that others have having issues. I offer a fix below.

    This might help. In settings ---> general ---> accessibility, there is a "Reduce Motion" option.

  • Battery Problems? 9 of 11

    I had the same experience last night; it drained down quickly. There are some fixes, however, and here is a great list of tips to increase your battery life. I made the changes suggested and it's now working just fine, no fast battery draining at all.

  • Changing Language 10 of 11

    So many new things that will need new names! But that's the fun part, right?

  • Giving Up! 11 of 11

    If you really hate it, you can always switch to Windows or Android. There are plenty of other options, and I will be the first one to admit that iOS 7 has a striking resemblance in many areas to both Android and, in particular, the Windows phone functionality (I also have a Windows phone I love). But some folks want to go phone free. 


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