Hopster Promises To Be Netflix For 2-6 Year Olds


Hopster, a Netflix for kidsIf you are the kind of parent that doesn’t allow your child free access to a device that can access video, you may not find the idea of this app all that exciting. But if you are, you might be about to get happy.

Hopster is a new app that is promising to offer over a thousand great shows for kids with no ads, ever, and zero access to content you don’t want your kids to watch.

One aspect of Hopster that is appealing is the integration of educational games; Hopster is aiming to be more than just a video streaming service. The founders also bring some pretty strong experience to the app, according to Tech Crunch:

Hopster’s founding team includes Walters, a former Nickelodeon executive, as well as Sander Striker of Vdio and Joost, Mahesh Ramachandra off Galleon Entertainment and Bradley Archer, also ex-Nickelodeon. The team has ample experience with kids content and with streaming media services, and is backed by an advisory board which has experience in kids educational publishing and preschooler content.

Hopster is launching in the UK in November, but is sure to come to the US not long after. But the question remains; do we really need an alternative to Netflix and Amazon prime both of which already offer great parental controls?

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