Hot App of the Day: Use Your Computer On Your iPad With Parallels Access


This hot new app uses tech and wifi to connect your computer to your iPad, allowing you to use ALL of your computer apps on the Ipad!You’ve likely heard of Parallels, a program that made it possible for you to have a Windows interface on your Mac. They’ve taken this concept one full step further by creating Parallels Access, an iPad and desktop app combo that allows you to control your computer through your iPad.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment. Because if you’re like me, you thought, “Huh? How does that help me?” Allow me to explain it a little more clearly: it takes your computer all your software programs and apps and lets you use them on the iPad as if they were iPad apps.

Microsoft Office suite on your iPad? YES. Need a file that’s on your desktop computer while you’re traveling with just the iPad? NO PROBLEM. You can log onto ANY wireless network and get access through the app to your desktop computer as long as your home computer isn’t shut down or asleep (there is a moment during the installation process where you are offered the opportunity to allow the app to override the sleep feature, naturally).

As someone who travels a fair amount, this means I will never take my laptop traveling with me again. I can use the iPad for all of my work needs while I travel; if I need a Word document that’s in my files at home, I can easily access it, edit it in Word, and email it from my laptop while using my iPad in another state (admittedly, this would be rare, since most of my documents are stored in the cloud anyway).

There is one tiny hiccup; while the app itself is free, it does cost $79 a year to use the service. For Mac users, there is a 14 day free trial, while Windows users get 90 days (handy!). Obviously, a large number of your desktop apps have a fairly functional iPad version, so this might feel redundant. But I’ll confess to a fair amount of geeky glee while I used the full Photoshop program on my iPad today.

Check it out. Your mind will be blown, too.


via The Verge

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