Instagram Adds New Video Features


Instagram has added the ability to upload videos, among other changes.In another major leap into the Instagramming of our lives, you can now also upload videos in your library on your phone to the image based social media network. And best of all, you can also choose the square cropping on the video, taking out the elements you don’t want to keep in.

Very cool.

Yep, now you can shoot plain video with your phone and then just upload the parts you like, as the Instagram blog post announcing this change states.

Starting today you can upload videos from your phone’s media library and share those moments to Instagram regardless of when they were captured. Once you select the video clip you’d like to import, you can trim it down to the exact part you like best. We’ve also made it so that you can choose how you square-crop your clip so you can keep the action front and center.

In addition, they’ve finally added the video element to the Android app (the outside video feature is only available on iOS, sadly).

But the video element isn’t the only new feature. They’ve also added an automatic straightening feature, a real boon for those of us that grab photos on the fly. There’s a slider too, so you can rotate the image around to your artistic purposes.

Great news! Be sure to check your phone for the update, and get your videos up!


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