Jailed Iranian Blogger (and His Mom) On Hunger Strike


Sad story about a political dissident blogger jailed in Iran and currently on a hunger strike.Ooof, what a terrible story. According to Amnesty International, a young man that blogged against the current political regime in Iran is being held in prison and is currently on a hunger strike — simply for blogging.

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, 28, is serving a 15-year prison sentence for “membership of the [illegal] internet group ‘Iran Proxy’,” “spreading propaganda against the system,” and “insulting the Leader and the President,” among other charges.

Sadly, his health is in serious peril not only because of the hunger strike, but because he’s suffering from a serious untreated kidney disease, according to Reporters without Borders.

“Malki, who began his hunger strike on 9 August, now weighs only 52 kilos and is reportedly unconscious for much of the time. Arrested on 13 December 2010, he continues to serve a 17-year jail sentence although he has undergone several kidney operations and is in very poor health.”

Mr. Malki has been on a hunger strike for the last twenty days, and his mother (who is also in poor health) joined him in striking eight days ago.

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