Microsoft Executive Takes Over


healthcare-gov-homepage-thumb-570x348-125912 (1)I have been trying to log on to shop for new health insurance on for, well, months. I’ve got an application in there, but I can’t quite get to the actual “shopping” part.

I’ll admit to being frustrated. I’m eager to see what is available because according to the calculator at the Kaiser Family Foundation, we could save $1,000 a month or more. That’s pretty amazing, and would make a serious difference to our family.

Now, I know people who have successfully navigated the system and have signed up for new coverage with some pretty remarkable results. My friend Julia, with two kids who both received kidney transplants (and need liver transplants as well), is saving nearly $33,000 next year for the same coverage.


There have been improvements to the site already, and luckily someone new is taking over the reins of running things. Kurt DelBene, the outgoing Microsoft Office President, is the new man in charge of the site (at least for the next six months, according to a press release from the Department of Health and Human Services).

In addition, the deadline to register has been extended to the 23rd if you want to start coverage on January 1st. I’m setting an alarm for 3am to try to log in when there are less people using the site myself.

Love or hate the idea of “Obamacare,” I have high hopes that the site will be working for everyone soon. Have you tried logging on?

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