Microsoft Office for iPad: Yes, Really


microsoft office for ipadFinally — four years later — Microsoft has taken the bold move of knocking down the walls on its suite of Office products — Word, Excel, and Powerpoint — by releasing native apps for the iPad.

The apps are actually really gorgeous, and manage to balance perfectly between the functionality of typical iPad apps and the we-all-know-it desktop version of Office. While an app can’t offer 100 percent of the desktop capabilities, obviously, these apps sure come close — so if you’ve ever been traveling with just your iPad and realize you’ve got a typo on your Powerpoint slides, now worries. You can now correct that easily.

I download Word to my iPad mini, and I really love how easy it is to use; with my external keyboard, it’s nearly as functional (for my needs) as my desktop computer. It’s so easy and lovely, in fact, that it could quite possibly sway me away from Google Docs, which I’ve chosen to use because of its accessibility on any device.

There isn’t a single app for Office products — you’ll need to download each app separately, but they are all free — however, you do need an Office 365 account to be able to actually use the free apps.

Finally creating Microsoft Office for iPad is smart move, Microsoft. Check out the demo in the video below.