My Three Minutes With Google Glass


I recently spent three minutes with Google Glass. It wasn't quite what I expected.While I was at the BlogHer conference I was lucky enough get my hands on a pair of Google Glass wait. Is it a pair of Google Glass? I mean, we say a pair of glasses, which really doesn’t make sense because we also say things like, “I only have one pair.” So is it set of Google Glass? A Google Glass? See, if you say “a Google Glass” I feel like you are talking about a glass you bought at a Google gift store that says something funny about Google. In fact, when my friend said, you’ve got to see my Google Glass, I immediately thought just that. So when she came over with a soft draw string bag, I was confused.

But I digress.

So, anyway, she hands them to me and finally get to hold them (it) in my hands for the first time. I was surprised to see that they actually feel very amateurish; clunky and awkward. They weigh a bit more than you’d expect, and they don’t look nearly as sleek in person as they do in that photo up there. The nose rests look downright silly, frankly, and the part of Glass that has the processor the large section that goes over your ear is big and bulky and sticks out of your hair quite a bit once it’s over your ear.

But naturally I put them on. Luckily I was wearing my contacts; if I’d been wearing my glasses I’m not sure they would have worked (my vision is pretty poor, and I might have had trouble seeing the screen). I was very surprised by the placement of the screen; it’s not right in front of your eye at all. It’s up a bit to the left. It’s a bit uncomfortable, kind of like when you’re trying to watch a sporting event in a crowded bar and you can only see that one screen way up by the ceiling. I was worried that having a screen so close would be a migraine trigger, but I didn’t feel that pressure (migraine sufferers, you know what I mean) by looking at the screen, so that was a relief.

I think, for me, the biggest surprise was just that it WORKED. I could see the screen beautifully, and I was scrolling through (which you do by swiping on the earpiece like you would a smart phone) the screens and I could see it all (including the nice photos of my friend’s nephews). It was kind of cool.

But my friend highlighted some of the shortcomings; they don’t work with anything other than Android (naturally) so she can’t pair it with her iPhone to get on a network. Connecting it to wifi is annoying, apparently. It doesn’t have it’s own data plan, so when you say “Glass, take a picture and upload it to Facebook” you can’t do it unless you’re online.

But it’s clear that Google is on to something. But I might hold out for Google Contacts.

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