New Years Tech Resolutions For 2014

I am planning on going on a bit of a hiatus when my son goes on winter break, being fully present for my 5-year-old (and soon to be 10-month-old). We will go on an epic adventure that will more than likely include: cupcakes, pizza, hot chocolate, blisteringly cold walks down the streets of New York City, and an array of impromptu quests.

I am so looking forward to this time with my boys. I feel as if I have not been fully present to enjoy their milestones and their budding personalities as much as I would have liked. I can blame technology for it, but at the end of the day, I haven’t made the time and I haven’t been fully present. The technology in a way has enabled my bad tech habits.

So with that, I will change my tech habits for the simple fact that I will blink, and my boys will be grown up. And my husband will have become an AARP member. And I will have missed it all.

So here are some tech resolutions I am making to get me to be more efficient in my work, and be more present where it counts.

  • New Year’s Tech Resolutions For 2014 1 of 8

    Ready to take on the New Year...

  • Get an actual alarm clock 2 of 8

    I, like many, use my smartphone as an alarm and/or to check the time. Thing is, I tend to look at my inbox or social networks before drifting off to sleepy-land — not the most peaceful way to drift off to sleep.

    photo credit: Batholith, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Cut the social clutter 3 of 8

    I will take this time to deactivate unused accounts and update outdated info on the social channels I frequent.

    photo credit: Luca Masters from Chocowinity, NC, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Take in some vitamin D 4 of 8

    I vow to get out more. Granted, winters in the northeast don't make it easy, but human interaction and fresh air should be on everyone's priority list.
    photo credit: Kevin Thomason, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Fully disconnect and relax 5 of 8

    It is time to enjoy more of my offline life.  My husband is at work during the week and my son at school. The weekends should be that time for us to get together, enjoy, and relax without being constantly interrupted by pings.  

    photo credit: Darnyi Zsóka, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Accept 6 of 8

    I need to come to terms with the fact that my inbox will never be at zero. It will not fix everything else in my life that needs tuning up. All I can do is organize it in a way that works for me and move on. 

    photo credit: Wakalani (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

  • Clear the junk 7 of 8

    After working non-stop for a year, I am certain I have accumulated my fair share of junk. Clearing out my PC will will allow me to work smarter, not harder. 

    photo credit: LuckyLouie, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Focus more on me 8 of 8

    A happy me = a more productive, carefree, and sane me. 


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