Shiny Object: Everlapse Photo Showcasing App


Great new app for animating photo slide shows.Have you ever wanted to make a super fast animated photo slide show? No? Well, me either, but then I read about the new Everlapse app (available so far only on iOS) and was pleased to see how easy creating such a slide show would be.

The most fun thing about the app is the social element you can start a slide show, and others can add photos to it. So you can, say, take a picture of your bed head first thing in the morning and then other users can add their bed heads, and boom, you have a hilarious slide show of crazy hair. Super fun.

I went ahead and used the app to create a slide show of my dinner process (I’ll be doing a recipe post later with the photos) and it came out pretty cool. And today Everlapse added a cool feature on the web app, making a slide show of your top Instagram photos.

I’m not sure how useful this app will be, but it’s sure fun. Check it out!

A note of warning: whenever you create an Everlapse, it does automatically send out a Tweet on your behalf, and there doesn’t appear to be a way to opt out of that feature yet.


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