Shiny Object: Glide, for Video Text Messages


Fun new app Glide allows you to send super fast video text messages.Oh man. So now I have something else to get addicted to! I can definitely see the new app Glide becoming my absolutely favorite way to text message my friends with VIDEOS!

I enlisted fellow Babble Tech writer Leticia to help me test out the app after I downloaded it and did their quickie tutorial. It works like this.

First, you download the app (currently available in iOS and Android). It installs in seconds, and then it uses a Facebook log in to get you started and help you find friends. Leticia and I were up and video texting in under five minutes.

What’s interesting isn’t just the incredible ease with which you can send video text messages (and trust me, it IS easy). It’s also cool that the text is actually a live broadcast that people can interact with via typed message. It’s not like a Google+ Hangout; you can’t all talk at once. But it’s live.

And even more exciting? You can do group video texts as well. Yes you can. LOVE!

Very cool. Check out the video below to see how it works!

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