Siri Revealed! Woman Behind Siri Explains Snippiness


As an iPhone user, I’ve often wondered about the voice of Siri. Who is she? Is she a computer generated voice compiled from various sound clips or an actual person? And why does she sometimes sound cranky when I use her regardless of what time of day I want to ask her a question?

In fact there is an actual person behind Siri and her name is Susan Bennett, a voice actor whose career includes being the voice of Tilly the All Time Teller the first ATM for First National Bank, multiple GPS systems, telephone systems, and the recorded voice of Delta Airlines.

In an interview on, Bennett said that recordings for Siri were done every day for four hours throughout the month of July in 2005 — which probably accounts for the reasons for Siri’s snippiness? In the Voice of Siri Reveals Herself — And Why the iPhone “Assistant” Sounds So Snippy, Bennett admitted that she gets bored doing endless voice recordings. At the time she was doing the recording sessions, she had no idea that her voice would become one that people interacted with daily.

How does she feel about this? And what is her relationship with Siri like? Take a look at the video on!

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