Tech Industry Is Booming In The City That Never Sleeps

image source: © malajscy -
image source: © malajscy –

It makes me very happy as a New Yorker to read that my city has reinvented itself into the East Coast tech capital.

Over the years, NYC has emerged as a leader in fields such as finance and real estate.  It has now flexed its “tech muscles” to actively compete in the tech market among other mobile and Internet heavy hitters. This amazing accomplishment has provided NYC with an enormous economic boost (which it desperately needed) and positioned the city as a front runner as the industry continues to prosper, due in part to the incredible amount of startups being created.

In my opinion, entrepreneurs have and will always be the driving force in this country.  And with continued guided support, entrepreneurs can and will remain a driving force in our economy, and can help other larger cities thrive just like NYC has.

NYC has prospered in this field mainly due to its diversity. Not of the people, but of the endless means of talent.  New York City is — in my opinion, which is obviously a bit biased! — filled with unmatched talent, skill sets, and incredible innovation. After all New Yorkers invented toilet paper, Scrabble, Mr. Potato Head, and the polio vaccine among other inventions.  And yes, San Francisco has Facebook, Yahoo, Apple, Google, and Twitter among its top companies, but where else can you find startups like these outside of Silicon Valley making a difference worldwide?


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