Tech To the Rescue: 7 Awesome Holiday Entertainment Ideas


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The holidays are a time for family. Holidays are also a time for parties. Most people try to accomplish both: Spending time with family by throwing a holiday party. Of course, organizing any party can be stressful. Add the challenge of organizing a party with family during the holidays, and you will have your hands full.

Most party organizers just hire an expensive babysitter to keep the kids occupied while the “grown folks” have their fun. Let’s face it, your kids are growing up in the technology age, so using smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone and tablets like the Surface tablet can provide your kids hours of holiday entertainment, and keep some money in your pocket while you entertain your family this season.

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    Babysitter need not apply. Use technology to keep your kids occupied while the adults party this holiday season.
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    It's no secret that the 41-megapixel camera on the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone is capable of some awesome pictures. Combine it with the Nokia Lumia Camera Grip that has an extra battery for more than 50 minutes of additional shooting time, and the ability to attach it to a standard tripod, and the kiddies can set up a makeshift photo booth to snap pics all night long.

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    Once the kids are done shooting tons (and tons) of pictures, they can connect to Microsoft SkyDrive to automatically transfer the pictures over to a Surface tablet or computer to spend even more time viewing their shots on a larger screen. From there, they can print or share their images with others.

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    Encouraging the kids to add some flash and flare to their images on a Surface tablet and apps like Aviary Photo Editor and Adobe Photoshop Express will ensure they are occupied for hours.

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    If photos are not going to keep your group of kiddies entertained, maybe a "movie night" will suit this crowd better. Movies loaded on a Surface tablet or streamed from services like Netflix can easily be shown on a larger TV that isn't connected to the web, thanks to the built-in Micro HDMI port and corresponding cable on the Surface tablet. You could also try Xbox Video, where you can rent and buy the latest HD movies and TV shows, right from your tablet, PC, or television.

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    Better than just watching a movie, the kids can shoot their own movie with the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone, and edit the movie on a Surface tablet with the ArcSoft ShowBiz video editor app.

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    Gaming is a great way to keep kids entertained. Multiplayer games like UNO & Friends are quick to learn and can be played by everybody, no matter if they are using the Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone, Surface tablet, or Xbox gaming console.

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    Got a group of book nerds on your hands? That's a good thing as you can use apps like Kindle for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, and  Nook for Windows 8.1/RT so your kids can catch up on the latest page-turner.

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