The C in iPhone 5C Stands for Too Cheap?


The C in iPhone 5C Stands for Too Cheap? via Babble.comApple’s entry into the low-cost smartphone market with the iPhone 5C actually wasn’t what consumers wanted.

Technology analysts, bloggers, journalists, editors, and publications begged predicted that Apple would make a low-cost device.

Finally, their link bait dreams came true – Apple announced a new iPhone 5C made of last year’s iPhone 5 guts, but with a colorful and low-cost rear panel that was supposed to appeal to the masses, many of which couldn’t shell out top-dollar for the premium flagship iPhone 5S line.

Or so they thought. I’m assuming the financial guys/gals, the media, or Apple for that matter, didn’t ask the consumers what they thought, because as a result of opening weekend iPhone 5S and 5C sales, people fought over each other to get their hands on the more expensive iPhone 5S at almost 3 to 1.

In an attempt to give the iPhone 5C more attention, Apple announced a price cut, and more recently decided to scale back production of the colorful device.

Does this mean that the iPhone 5C was a failure? I doubt it – As soon as the holiday shopping season starts (which is in approximately 5 minutes), sales of the 5C will jump back up as parents skip Thanksgiving dinner to stand in line to get their kids the “hot-ticket item”.

To me, it does signify that consumers look to Apple for that premium device more so than for Apple to offer a wide range of devices. Apple REALLY did itself a favor by adding the “limited supply” Gold iPhone 5S to its range of high-end phones. According to reports, demand for that device was bananas. Which to a certain extent, when it comes to companies making a ton of money on things that people love to buy, adds validity to the saying…

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

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