The Death of Flappy Bird: When the Pressure of Success Gets to You



As you may have probably heard by now, Flappy Bird, the mobile app developed nearly 8 months ago by Dong Nguyen, has been pulled from both the Google Play and Apple’s App store due to the disruption and stress it has caused the creator.

Flappy Bird quickly became the most popular app on both platforms (with well over 50 million downloads) — the concept of the game was simple, yet ‘addicting’ to many.  Players simply navigate a pixilated bird through narrow pipes, similar to those found in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. game. It is the simplicity of the game that made the app explode in popularity — reportedly earning Nguyen upwards of $50,000 per day from ads alone — but in an unprecedented move, Nguyen has completely removed it from the marketplace.

With this popularity and apparent fortune, one would think the developer would be overjoyed and elated about his sudden success, but the situation seemed to have caused him nothing but anguish and distress.

According to some rather cryptic Tweets sent by Dong Nguyen, his unplanned fame seems to be the root cause of him taking down Flappy Bird for good.



iPhones with Flappy Bird already loaded have showed up on eBay for over $100,000 — although it has been rumored that even eBay will soon be unwilling to sell anything to do with the game. Death to Flappy Bird, it is.

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