The Profiles of Future In-Flight Phone Talkers


A couple weeks ago, I reported on a story where the FAA has cleared airlines to allow passengers to use their devices in “airplane mode” during takeoff and landing. This announcement came on the heels of a study that concluded the use of PED’s (personal electronic devices) does not interfere with the operation of large passenger airplanes.

For those of us who only carry gadgets when traveling, this was good news because we can still use our devices to listen to music & watch movies (with headphones), read books, or compose documents on the device, without worrying about the flight attendant bugging us turn off all electronic devices flight’s safety.

The FCC has decided to take it a step further and is now considering letting passengers actually talk on their phones during flights.

What the what?

Now, on top of crying babies, that lady with the loud snore, and the chatty guy who wants to talk to you the ENTIRE flight … you may have to deal with a whole new slew of people who don’t want you to enjoy you flight, if airlines agree to allow in-flight phone calls.

Possibly coming soon to a flight near you: Here is my list of people you might be sitting next to who can’t stay off their phone.

  • The Profiles of Annoying In-Flight Phone Users 1 of 8
    The Profiles of Annoying In-Flight Phone Users via

    A round-up of annoying people you might be sitting next to during your next flight if the FCC removes the in-flight calling ban.

  • Mr. Megaphone 2 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mr Megaphone via

    This is the guy who feels he has to scream into his phone just to have a normal conversation. Either he has a serious inner-ear problem, or just doesn't understand that cell phones nowadays do an awesome job of picking up normal voices during a phone conversation.

    Photo Credit: Very Quiet via Compfight cc

  • Mrs. Business Deal 3 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mrs Business Deal via

    This is the pant-suit wearing, hair in a bun having, micro-managing, uber-executive who must consistently (and uncomfortably) belittle her team while you try to enjoy your magazine during the flight.

    Photo Credit: Ambro at

  • Mr. Bluetooth Bandit 4 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mr Bluetooth Bandit via

    Picture Mrs. Business deal, but talking into that tiny blue light on the side of his face ... and he has the nerve to get mad at you when you accidentally talk to him because you think he's talking to you.

    Photo Credit: imagerymajestic at

  • Mrs. "I love you more" 5 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mrs I Love You More via

    OH MY GAWD! Now everyone on the plane knows your cutesy nicknames, where all your tattoos are located, and every other little detail of your love back story. Can you just say "I'll see you soon" and hang up already?

    Photo Credit: Stuart Miles at

  • Mr. GPS 6 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mr GPS via

    I'm pretty sure that all the person that's picking you up from the airport needs to know is what airline and flight number, and an approximate time when the plane is scheduled to land. It is not necessary to communicate every single detail of your whereabouts in order to meet you at baggage claim.

    Photo Credit: Ambro at

  • Mrs. Helicopter Mom/Wife 7 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mrs Helicopter Wife via

    Newsflash — the world will continue to spin if you're gone for a day or two. Yet, you insist on barking your never-ending to-do list, documenting every second/minute/hour for your family before, during, and after your flight to your family. They will be alright, so relax and enjoy some time away from the family.

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  • Mr. T.M.I. 8 of 8
    Annoying In-Flight Phone Users - Mr TMI via

    Eww!  Every passenger on the plane does not need to hear your conversation with your doctor in regards to your recent examination. Do everyone on the plane a favor and save that chat for the taxi driver who will have no choice but to paint a vivid picture of your ailments in his mind as he transports you to your destination.

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Happy travels!

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