The Type-A Parenting Conference: All Grown Up and Awesome


The 5th Annual Type-A Parent conference, a conference for blogging parents, just ended. Here are my thoughts!I’ve just left the Type-A Parent conference for the fifth year in a row and while it’s always been one of my favorite blogging conferences, this year was really special.

This year’s conference was full of very solid nuts-and-bolts info about many aspects of blogging, including my personal favorite session about Semantics and Webmaster tools, taught by the amazing Ruth Burr of Moz. But I also heard amazing things about the Affiliate Marketing session led by Missy Ward, the writing workshop led by Heather and Vikki, and several others. I also personally enjoyed the Facebook session led by David Griner quite a bit as well.

The keynote events were also amazing; Amber Naslund kicked us off in inspiring fashion, the “We Still Blog” keynote where ten bloggers read their posts (hosted by yours truly) was both hilarious and heart wrenching, and Erika Napoletano ended the conference with wise words. And Gary Buchanan of Disney made lots of folks cry.

This year, the overall feeling was that of a conference that has fully come into its own. The content beautifully planned by Melanie Nelson and Kelby Carr was far and away some of the best I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Type-A Parent Conference will return next year to Atlanta (although at a different hotel), and of course the Type-A Boot Camp is happening in New Orleans on the 19th (a similar event was held in Philly in April). In other exciting news, Kelby is planning two boot camps in 2014 with one being held at Disney World, and one at Disney Land.

I hope you’ll put the conference on your radar for next year!

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