Track Your Car's "Fitness" With The Dash App


dashWhen I was a little kid, my mom kept a notebook in the glove compartment of our VW bug where she meticulously recorded the car’s mileage and gas useage, so she always knew exactly how many miles to the gallon the car got mostly so she could figure out how much farther she could go before filling it again.

Dash is a new kind of tech gear (and app) that aims to replace that little glove compartment notebook, and much, much more. Using a small device that you simply plug in beneath your dashboard that connects to your phone via bluetooth (the Dash App site claims it only takes a minute), Dash is able to track your driving, check your car for mechanical problems, and tell you where the cheapest gas is.

I think I’m in love!

Sadly, the Dash app is only available in Android now, but the iOS app is coming soon. By the way, my favorite feature from the Dash App is the driving “score” you receive. Now I can finally have proof I’m a better driver than my husband!

Check out the video below!

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