YouTube Will Soon Launch Offline Video Capabilities


YouTube Will Soon Launch Offline Video Capabilities via Babble.comYouTube has announced plans to let users temporarily download videos to mobile devices to watch offline.

The ability to watch music videos, replay viral videos, or view Vine compilations on YouTube is what I’m sure most people do to pass the time while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, sitting at their kid’s after-school activities, or on their daily work commute. If you regularly use public/mass transit, I’m almost sure there are spots during your trip where you can’t get a good internet connection to get your daily cat-viewing fix.

YouTube feels your pain and has announced future plans for its mobile apps (sorry Windows Phone users) that will include the ability to save videos to your device to watch offline. When the update is launched in November, it will enabled by default and users will be able to access the saved videos via the “on device” section of the app, even if they are disconnected from the rest of the world their wireless signal predictably drops for a couple minutes.

Users will have up to 48 hours to watch the videos before they are “wiped” from your device. I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes, the feature and videos will be free BUT you will see the same old ads you have learned to tolerate if it means you get to secretly judge people for the crazy things they decide to upload to the web. Not sure how many clips users will be able to save, but imagine the ability to watch your favorite televisions shows, broken up into fuzzy, 15-minute chunks, while on a plane.

Via: All Things D | Engadget

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