10 April Fool's Day Jokes to Play on Your Toddler


How do you celebrate April Fool’s Day with a toddler?

The best option is probably to skip it. Two-year-olds can’t really understand the nuance of a good practical joke.

But if you insist, here are ten jokes that should have real impact on your toddler.

Many of them may seem cruel, but isn’t that the spirit of the holiday?

1. “Sorry, kid. We accidentally threw away the iPad.”

2. “Oh! Didn’t you hear? Sesame Street was canceled!”

3. Glue all her books shut. 

4. Pointing to tomato. “What are you talking about? This is a banana. It has always been a banana.”

5. Replace all the wooden food in her toy kitchen with actual vegetables, bread and eggs. Then tell her it’s her turn to make breakfast.

6. Put plastic wrap over her potty.

7. Hide a live animal amongst her stuffed ones.

8. Borrow a friend’s baby and introduce it as her new brother.

9. Mash up some potatoes and put it in an ice cream cone.

10. Tell her daddy went to the supermarket but he won’t ever be coming back.

(At least I didn’t tell her Elmo died!)

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