10 Awesome Bath Toys For Toddlers

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Splish, splash!

If your house is anything like ours, bath time is one of the highlights of (almost) every night. My husband and I both stretch out on the sides of our big soaking tub as we watch Cullen splash and play for what would be hours on end if we’d let him. And yes, you read that correctly. Our big beautiful master bedroom soaking tub is covered in fishy decals, hanging toy bags, and bottles of bubble bath. But we are happy to give it up since Cullen is such a big fan of his giant tub.

We’ve come a long way from the time when baths were done in the Whale of a Tub, and there was just one rinsing cup and one rubber ducky for distraction. These days, bath time is a full blown party. Bubble, toys, splashing, building, coloring – it is some of the most fun we have all day. Right around Cullen’s first birthday, I noticed he seemed bored in the tub. His few little duckies and animals weren’t cutting it anymore, and he needed some new entertainment. So I told our friends and family that bath toys were on his birthday wish list, and suddenly bath time became a lot more fun.

Here are ten awesome bath toys that your toddler will love!

  • Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net 1 of 10
    Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net
    Cullen loves to scoop and sort things, and these little water bugs are so fun to scoop into his net!
    Available on Amazon for $6.79.
  • Color My Bath! 300 Color Changing Bath Tablets 2 of 10
    Color My Bath! 300 Color Changing Bath Tablets
    The only thing more fun than a bubble bath is a COLORFUL bubble bath, right? These bath tablets (safely) turn the water into fun colors that your little one will love.
    Available on Amazon for $10.75.
  • Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set 3 of 10
    Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set
    One of Cullen's favorite things to play with in the tub are just basic stacking cups. He love to dunk, pour, and drink over and over again. Bonus - I use them to rinse out his soapy hair at the end of bath time!
    Available on Amazon for $5.10.
  • Edushape Floating Blocks 4 of 10
    Edushape Floating Blocks
    We got these as a gift for Cullen's first birthday, and every time I watch him play with them, I think how clever it is. The mat and blocks float, so he can build shapes and figures while splashing around in the tub. And the water help the foam pieces stick together so building is easier for little hands!
    Available on Amazon for $16.96.
  • Munchkin Bath Dunkers Toy Set 5 of 10
    Munchkin Bath Dunkers Toy Set
    We don't actually have this one, but I could see it being a great addition to our tub. Similar to the scooping net, it's a great way to work on those motor skills with dunking and retrieving. Cullen loves basketball hoops outside of the tub, so I know he'd love this one too!
    Available on Amazon for $9.99.
  • Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker 6 of 10
    Summer Infant Tub Time Bubble Maker
    Sick of getting light-headed from blowing bubbles over and over again? Let this little contraption do it for you! Bubbles make bathtime so much more fun.
    Available on Amazon for $9.34.
  • Baby Einstein: Water, Water Everywhere Bath Book 7 of 10
    Baby Einstein: Water, Water Everywhere Bath Book
    Cullen is totally into books right now. I'll leave him in his room to play for a few minutes, and come back to find him surrounded by stacks of books - turning the pages and devouring the pictures. He always smiles when I hand him a bath book - like it's such a special treat to get to read in the tub!
    Available on Amazon for $6.29.
  • Boon Bath Tub Appliques 8 of 10
    Boon Bath Tub Appliques
    I am a sucker for Boon products in general, so no surprise I gravitated toward these bath appliques. But I love the color and simple design. They are fun for Cullen to take on and off the side of the tub - just like the removable stickers he loves to do during play time!
    Available on Amazon for $8.99.
  • Green Toys Seaplane 9 of 10
    Green Toys Seaplane
    As toddlers get bigger, their toys seem to get bigger too. Eventually, the little rubber duckies are cast aside for bigger things like boats and planes. We love this seaplane both in and out of the tub, and Cullen loves to float it on top of the water!
    Available on Amazon for $18.15.
  • BeginAgain Eco Friendly Natural Rubber Ball Bathtub Playset 10 of 10
    BeginAgain Eco Friendly Natural Rubber Ball Bathtub Playset
    Buying eco-friendly toys - especially rubber and plastic - is important to us, so we were really excited to get this as a gift. My favorite feature is that the sharks and other creatures have built in holes and drainage so they can't hold water and grow mold - so important! Cullen loves the super durable rubber and the fun colors!
    Available on Amazon for $21.99.