10 Highlights of Parenting a Toddler

Describing my boy

There aren’t enough words in the English language that could really describe my toddler. He is a character. A clown. A lover. Everything a mom would want in their little boy.

Toddlerhood despite all the gross and stressful stuff that comes along with it has to be one of the most moving times in parenthood — at least for me thus far. You are watching your baby really become a person. Learn to talk, walk, communicate and really become their own person.

So much of your child is shaped during these three years.

Maybe I am just rambling because I am really in awe of my kids.

But parenthood is hard, stressful and trying on us. For the good there is bad and most of the time the bad leaves a stronger taste in our mouths. Which is why it is so important for us as mothers to decompress and start with a fresh slate some days.

Maybe a trip to the store alone or just a little extra help from our partner. It makes a difference!

While decompressing with some extra help from a glass of wine and my husband actually being home for more than an hour before heading to bed after a long day of work I dove into all the moments I cherish with my toddler — and all that leaves me in awe on a daily basis.

Those moments you will look back on in thirty years and cry like a baby because you want to go back.

What are these moments for you?

  • Growing Like a Weed 1 of 10
    Growing Like a Weed
    It seems like once a month I take a picture of him and it seems like he is a whole new boy.
    I took this one last week and after I posted it on Instagram I looked at it again and couldn't believe how much he has changed in a year.
    I kind of want to keep him this size forever.
  • Live Like a Kid Again! 2 of 10
    Live Like a Kid Again!
    This picture is myself and the boys on a carousel right before it starting going.
    Had I gotten on it by myself without the kids people would have looked at me strange... rightfully so.
    But one of the highlights of parenthood for me is being able to get away with all the kid things I miss from my own childhood while I do them with my kids.
    I can only hope they love all the stuff I am channeling from my own childhood to them!
  • Toddler Snuggles 3 of 10
    Toddler Snuggles
    Toddler snuggles are probably my favorite time of the day.
    Getting him to take a nap basically involves mommy getting into Ben's bed with him and snuggling until he is out like a light.
    Some days I don't want to get out of his bed. I could totally fall asleep with him or just lay in bed and watch him sleep.
    In a non-creepy way!
  • Heart Melting Smile 4 of 10
    Heart Melting Smile
    Every time he smiles at me like this...
    My heart just melts.
    He could ask me for a new toy, a million bucks... really just about anything and as long as he has that cheerful grin on his face he will get a big yes out of me.
    I am kind of hoping I out grow this by the time he hits high school.
    Or else I am screwed!
  • Teaching Life Lessons 5 of 10
    Teaching Life Lessons
    Teaching him simple lessons like cleaning up his room with his brother or putting his clothes in the laundry basket at the end of the day when he gets ready for bed.
    When it all finally clicks and you can see the look on his face that he truly understands the process and the right thing to do... it makes all the stress of teaching it worth it.
    And knowing he has a sense of accomplishment is even better.
  • Love for Reading 6 of 10
    Love for Reading
    When I was a kid I loved reading.
    It started when I was a toddler, my father would read me a book every night before bed.
    Now we do the same with our kids and I love the fact that my toddler would rather play with a book and pretend to read than watch TV.
  • My Silly Clown 7 of 10
    My Silly Clown
    I love the fact that he will do anything for a laugh.
    I am sure once he is in school it will be a different story but for now he can always get a smile out of me.
    Especially when he is dressed up like Scuba Steve!
  • He is Still my Baby 8 of 10
    He is Still my Baby
    Even though he is a big brother... he is still my baby boy.
    There are so many characteristics of him which are still "baby" like.
    And I am going to love it until he decides he wants to grow up a little bit more. I am not going to force him before HE is ready!
  • An Amazing Big Brother 9 of 10
    An Amazing Big Brother
    Even though he is still so much of a baby himself, he is a great big brother to his little sister.
    He would do anything to protect her.
    Any time someone comes up to us in public or even family members he will tell him "THATS MY BABY!"
  • He is Fearless 10 of 10
    He is Fearless
    I wish I could be as fearless as he is again.
    He wants to explore and check out the world no matter what he gets into or how dirty he gets!
    Which he is our dirty kid... his nick name is pigpen.

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