10 Phrases Toddler Moms Dread

We all have those words and phrases our kids know that we absolutely hate. Not because they are bad words… but because they are downright annoying, embarrassing, and of course clever.

Lately in our house these include the overused… no.

Everything is answered with no.

Ben did you poop?  No…
But you smell like poop Ben… No
Do you need a new diaper… No
Do you want to have dinner…No
Do you love Mommy… No
What about Daddy… No

Everything is no… and that alone is something that could drive any sane person mad!

So I asked my readers what phrases they had in their house, and out in public that embarrass them, or that they just downright hate, and I got a couple really great replies, and mixed them with my personal list… to bring you…

The top 10 words, and phrases we wish our kids did NOT have in our vocabulary!

  • NO 1 of 10
    I am so over the word NO! And it seems like most of my readers are too because it was the number one answer from moms!
  • Can I have some candy? 2 of 10
    Can I have some candy?
    Since celebrating Halloween this year, the new obsession in the house is CANDY! All they want to eat is CANDY!
  • I’m Sexy and I Know It! 3 of 10
    I'm Sexy and I Know It!
    Thanks toJenn from The Martha Project Blog for her hysterical tale of her toddler singing this through the aisles of Walmart! But it was ONLY about 100 times.
  • My Mommy Likes Beer 4 of 10
    My Mommy Likes Beer
    This one was submitted by I_Loveyourface on twitter, and when I heard this I died laughing because change beer to wine, and you have something my kid would say!
  • I’m a Mess 5 of 10
    I'm a Mess
    Yes, he is a perpetual mess. All the damn time... I could feed him and he could still manage to look like his dinner exploded on him. I dread these words!
  • Mommy can I play Angry Birds? 6 of 10
    Mommy can I play Angry Birds?
    This one is just self explanatory on so many levels! Submitted by Leigh
  • Can we go to the Fire House? 7 of 10
    Can we go to the Fire House?
    Since my husband is a fireman, I get this one about 70 times a day, because they automatically assume I want to hang out there with the guys too!
  • Can I dress myself? 8 of 10
    Can I dress myself?
    This is my oldest, who is almost 4 wearing 0-3 month overalls as shorts, and a 6 month vest as a shirt over the summer... No, you cannot dress yourself and make people think you are homeless!
  • Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy… MOMMMMMY! 9 of 10
    Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy... MOMMMMMY!
    Ever see the Mayhem commercials? Yes, these are my kids... the longer you ignore the "mommy" call, the longer, and louder they get...
  • I don’t wanna go to bed! 10 of 10
    I don't wanna go to bed!
    What toddler likes going to bed? Oh that's right! NONE!

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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