10 Reasons I Love My Three-Year-Old


preschoolerMy big boy is getting so…big, I can barely stand it. While he still has the occasional frequent tantrum, he has sprouted into such a curious and fun-loving kid. He’s almost three-and-a-half now, and I thought this slideshow of things I love about him was appropriate for this time of year.

What 10 things do you love about your three-year-old?

  • His breakfast companion. 1 of 10
    His breakfast companion.
    He pulls up a chair for Brown Bear every morning.
  • He likes all kinds of toys. 2 of 10
    He likes all kinds of toys.
    He loves trains, planes, automobiles, purses and dolls.
  • His long-legged “R’s” “A’s” and “H’s” 3 of 10
    His long-legged "R's" "A's" and "H's"
  • He likes to play dress-up 4 of 10
    He likes to play dress-up
    "Daddy, when we get home I want to put on something fancy."
    Buy this pin-striped suit$64.95
  • His airplane game. 5 of 10
    His airplane game.
    "United 747, clear for take-off!"
  • His poetry. 6 of 10
    His poetry.
  • His attention to detail. 7 of 10
    His attention to detail.
  • His ability to multitask. 8 of 10
    His ability to multitask.
    Two hands, two toys.
  • His love for his baby brother. 9 of 10
    His love for his baby brother.
  • The hugs and snuggles. 10 of 10
    The hugs and snuggles.

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