10 Reasons Why I Blog About My Children

Do You Blog?

Blogging is becoming so big … heck, almost everyone has their own blog!

But a lot of people turn their noses up at bloggers like myself who actually blog about their children, or their own lives in general. It has sort of become taboo (which I disagree with 100%).

I started to think about all the reasons I started to blog, and why I continue on a daily basis to blog about parenting and my own personal children.

I remember going back to early 2008 when I started my first blog. It was after I had been asked to nurse in a different room by my grandmother at my own sister’s baby shower. I was dumbfounded, and frankly I was pissed.

I couldn’t complain about it to my mother because back then she would have sided right with my grandmother, and of course I couldn’t just throw my own grandmother under the bus. So I started a blog and complained about it.  By the way, years later I laugh about the whole experience and chock it up to a whole generational barrier in parenting.

I found it freeing, helpful, and as time went on … completely necessary!

Four years into my blog, I am so grateful for all the people I have met, and for the amazing outlet it has been. I was able to document my entire pregnancy with my daughter right here on Babble with people all over the world. How cool is that? And people actually cared!

Anyway! This is why I blog about my children.

Do you blog about your kids?

  • These Moments are Priceless! 1 of 10
    These Moments are Priceless!
    There is no better way to document these moments. Looking back in 10 years or even 20 years, these are going to be the moments we will cherish, and so will they!
  • Meeting New People 2 of 10
    Meeting New People
    I love meeting new people and being able to connect my children with other kids their age, locally or in different areas of the country. They have had the opportunity to meet kids from other parts of the country. I am sure as they grow they will stay in contact and see how different families do things!
  • We Are Just Average! 3 of 10
    We Are Just Average!
    Everyone thinks that bloggers are some kind of internet celebrities, and while some are... most of us are just average people with average lives and average families. Nothing more, nothing less!
  • It Keeps Me Sane 4 of 10
    It Keeps Me Sane
    Believe it or not, blogging keeps me sane. It helps me get all the thoughts in my head out before they just take everything over! Do you have a hobby that helps you keep it together?
  • Embarass Them as Adults! 5 of 10
    Embarass Them as Adults!
    What better way to embarrass them when they become those teens that are just too cool for school? Just kidding!
  • The Good Times 6 of 10
    The Good Times
    Lets be serious, there is a lot of icky, stinky, gross, and flat out bad in parenting. But the moments that are good outshine those. Sometimes just the reminder of the good can help another mom get through a bad day.
  • Milestones Made Easy! 7 of 10
    Milestones Made Easy!
    I am big on record keeping, but with three kids sometimes pulling out baby books and journals aren't time friendly. A couple pictures, memories, and a short blog post and you have a ready made baby book which you can eventually have printed!
  • Keeping in Touch with Family 8 of 10
    Keeping in Touch with Family
    One of the main reasons I keep a blog is to keep friends and family members who are not local to us in the loop when it comes to our kids. Pictures, updates, and all the things I don't want to type out in long, lengthy emails are right at hand!
  • Inspiring Others 9 of 10
    Inspiring Others
    I have been able to inspire others I have met from all over the internet to start their own blogs! How cool is that?
  • Connects Me with Other Moms! 10 of 10
    Connects Me with Other Moms!
    I love meeting other moms and building relationships. Through blogging I have been able to meet other moms who also blog about their kids, and parenting in general. It is super rewarding!

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