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10 Things I Actually Say In a Day

Dog food... really?

If you have a toddler, or two in your house you also know some of the things you say to them on a day to day basis would make you look like a damn fool if you actually used them with adults.

Right?  Yup! You know I am right!

I put out a call to my readers a couple days ago to include some of the funny and amusing things we say to our kids… and I got some really great sayings and quotes.

It helped me know I am not alone when it comes to the stupid stuff I have to say to my kids in a day…

Comment below and submit your own!  If we get enough I will put them all together for a “reader submissions” most!

You can do it!

  • Is that poop or chocolate? 1 of 10
    Is that poop or chocolate?
    No seriously... this is probably something I say at least ONE time a day, if not more. Even worse is the sniff lick test...
    Photo from Flickr
  • Leave your brother’s doodle alone! 2 of 10
    Leave your brother's doodle alone!
    Having two boys has to be the most stressful thing when it comes to penises and privacy! Especially at this age!
  • No! You cannot eat dog food! 3 of 10
    No! You cannot eat dog food!
    In our house it is cat food but it doesn't make it any less funny for sure! Thanks to Christina for submitting this!
    Photo from Flickr
  • Hot glue guns are NOT toys 4 of 10
    Hot glue guns are NOT toys
    True story... the kids actually thought it was ok to use my hot glue guns as actual guns... Of course they weren't plugged in or HOT!
    Photo from Flickr
  • What is in your mouth?? 5 of 10
    What is in your mouth??
    Seriously... it seems like they always have something in their mouth, whether it is food, or a random object! This comes out of my house probably a hundred times a day!
  • What happened to your clothes? 6 of 10
    What happened to your clothes?
    Seriously what is with toddlers? Can they actually stay dressed for more than an hour? These kids NEVER keep their clothes on! Or at least keep on what I dress them in for the day!
  • Leave your sister alone! 7 of 10
    Leave your sister alone!
    I know they love her... but damn if I had two boys in my face all day long I would be pissed!
  • Get your hand out of your diaper! 8 of 10
    Get your hand out of your diaper!
    GROSS! Seriously! Why do kids need to dig in their diapers? It has to be thee grossest thing EVER! Why are toddlers so... icky?
    Photo from Flickr
  • What did you just throw in the garbage? 9 of 10
    What did you just throw in the garbage?
    Submitted by Jaimie A! What did you just throw in the garbage can? One time my kids threw my debit card out... True story! Thankfully they did it when there wasn't a bag in the garbage can!
    Photo from Flickr
  • You said WHAT? 10 of 10
    You said WHAT?
    Where did you learn that word?!! You know we all have had a moment in time where our kid blindsides us with something that leaves our head spinning!


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