10 Toddler Chaos Moments Caught on Camera

toddler chaos momentsI’ve learned to embrace the chaos that comes along with having 4 kids. While I don’t always successfully keep my cool, I have learned a new coping mechanism. It’s actually quite simple and it allows me to show my husband the hell that I have to deal with at times. The biggest perk? When enough time has passed, this mechanism gives me a good LOL.

What’s this coping mechanism? It’s taking photos of the crazy happenings of our toddlers and our older kids. I am one of THOSE people, you know the type – the ones who ALWAYS have their phones handy. Yep, that’s me. So now when something crazy happens, I try to just snap a photo of it. Then I send to my husband and wait for the “ARE YOU KIDDING?” reply. The majority of crazy happening around our house these days involves the toddlers. Sure, they don’t know better – well at least 1 of them doesn’t. I don’t know if it’s the weather changing or what have you – but chaos, well it’s everywhere. Check it out for yourself.

10 Toddler Chaos Moments Caught on Camera after the jump!

  • Chocolate or Poop? 1 of 10
    Chocolate or Poop?
    It was poop. Yep, a nice fresh turd laid right on the ground. I wish I could blame the dogs, but Izaiah was running around without his diaper on.
    Thank God for wood cleaner and my steam mop.
  • Wipes Party! 2 of 10
    Wipes Party!
    Who needs wipes in a box when they can be all over the floor? WHEE!
  • Skylander in the Dryers 3 of 10
    Skylander in the Dryers
    Our older son's Skylander collection went M.I.A. Well, looks like they just needed to be dried. A certain 2 year old toddler did it.
  • Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Anyone? 4 of 10
    Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies Anyone?
    Yes, the whole box of Trader Joe's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies all over the ground. I gave all of the kids 2 minutes on the timer to eat as many as they can. Yes, I am that kind of mom and well they pretty much cleaned the floor. Thankfully I had mopped earlier in the day.
  • Nutella? 5 of 10
    Look what I found in the pantry mom! NUTELLA, so I might as well eat it, right? WRONG.
  • Tipped Over Changing Table 6 of 10
    Tipped Over Changing Table
    This scared the living hell out of me. The whole changing table is tipped over due to drawer being opened and a toddler attempting to climb on top. No toddlers were hurt in this stunt.
  • WAKE UP BUBBA 7 of 10
    The boy loves to sing and especially loves singing and waking up his little brother.
  • Let’s Toilet Paper the House! 8 of 10
    Let's Toilet Paper the House!
    Well, that's what the boys did. Our 7 year old was guilty as well.
  • Sour Cream Please. 9 of 10
    Sour Cream Please.
    Little Zeke ate as much sour cream as he could after a 2 year old got out the container for him.
  • Nail Polish 10 of 10
    Nail Polish
    Nail polish everywhere, thankfully it cleaned up - but needless to say the house was a wee bit stinky for a few weeks.

Who needs reality tv when you have toddlers?

Yes, these are my kids.
Yes, I love them.
Yes, I will continue to take photos. (See pics taken in an OBGYN office. Yes, I did this.)

It’s therapeutic, try it.

Send your toddler chaos pics to me at molly at digital mom blog dot com and we will feature in an upcoming post!

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