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10 Traits Our Toddler Picked Up From Us

By Monica Bielanko |

She certainly didn’t learn that word from Dora.

Violet recently turned 3-years-old; it’s fascinating to watch her changing on an almost daily basis.

One day she’s babbling nonsense and the next she’s asking me to turn on the Billie Holiday record because she’s “so bwoo-ee-full.”

Or she’s dropping F-Bomb loudly and proudly because I just did it in response to an old lady pulling in front of our car as we drive to Kindermusik.

It got me got me to thinking about how her little mind is so much like a sponge right now and that she’s soaking up personality traits, speech patterns, and likes and dislikes of me and her dad. Which, as you’re about to see, isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m pretty sure Dora didn’t teach her the F-Word. But, whatever. In 10 years she’ll be the opposite. Ridiculing us and ignoring us and doing everything in her power to NOT be like us, but for now, she’s trying to be just like us. Which, well, like I said, is good and bad.

Here are 10 traits Violet seems to have picked up from us …

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10 Traits Toddlers Learn from Their Parents

The TV Watcher

This is her TV watching face. I imagine I look much the same way when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are on: blank, vapid, not entirely there, which, come to think of it, is exactly like the housewives. If only I could teach Violet to like the housewives instead of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, life would be great!

Tell me in the comments: What has your toddler picked up from you?


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12 thoughts on “10 Traits Our Toddler Picked Up From Us

  1. Sarah says:

    Omg, I’m with you 100% as far as the “smooches”! I constantly gave my son kisses the first 9 months of his life( and still do at 16 months of course!), but its even better now that he can give me hugs and kisses upon request. And, obviously, the best ones are when he offers them on his own!!! My partner always tells me to leave him alone LOL, I think she’s just jealous bc half the time she asks for a kiss, he shakes his head and runs away. HA!

  2. Brandi says:

    Awww! So looking forward to this. I met my husband when my step-daughter was 2, but we only had her a few weekends a month and bam she’s freaking nine now. I miss those years. Well, pregnant with our first (a boy!) and I cannot wait for these toddler moments again. Especially since I’m convinced my step-daughter is nine going on fourteen lol. I didn’t know kids started disowning you in public this early…

    Thanks for sharing, Monica!

  3. TJ says:

    These are all familiar traits that my little girl has picked up. A couple of weeks back we were at the park and she was trying to climb up a tube(?) and when she couldn’t do it she frustratedly yelled “crap!” I also like smooching and will do it to her and her dad often enough. Now she goes for a head/neck hold with me and proceeds to attack me with kisses. If she sees me doing it to dad, he better move out of the way because here comes Abby. About once a week I get a request for fries, and now recently tots, which I’m all too pleased to cater to. I tend to be a negotiator, and she has has picked up the art pretty quickly. If she wants more of something: play-time, a snack, another episode of Peppa, she’ll look at me and say, “Mama, one more and that’s it.” She’ll also say two more or three…

  4. Jen says:

    Yeah im right there with you on the cuss words… it amazes me how fast those little ears can pick those up and yet somehow manage not to hear you when you tell them to clean up. mine has started telling me that she is ‘out of hugs’ so we started cranking her up to refill them :) results in lots of giggles and a big ol’ hug

  5. Linda says:

    It is so refreshing to read an actual honest blog about toddlers and the positive and negative things they kind of sort of pick up from us. Many blogs focus on on the positive and sugary sweet things, so they don’t quite feel “real” rather more like a script, lol! My two have left the toddlerstage behind and are now a kindergartener and a preschooler. I think most honest parents would admit to less than stellar language at least occasionally that little ears may pick up on. My kids love their Wendy’s and while I do keep it as a once a week treat, they’ll still try to bug for it whenever we pass one, twice a day!! My kids are very affectionate, there is no such thing as too many smooches, as long as the kids wants to give and get affection that’s all that matters. It’s only a problem if someone tries to “make” them be affectionate. I have a rule with my kids, people have to ask them for permission to hug or kiss them, or even to touch their little faces. Many of the older members of our family don’t agree, but I feel that it’s their bodies, they should decide who touches them (within reason of course-like they can’t decide that the doctor can’t touch them with a needle to vaccinate them, or that Mommy and Daddy can’t give them a bath, lol!) You are doing a wonderful job with your kids, you seem like a really loving, down to earth Mama. Keep up the good job!! :-)

  6. Candice says:

    I think Violet and my son, Nate, need to be little toddler buddies. We’ve got so much of the same stuff going on, good and bad, although I don’t let Nate cook yet because he likes to randomly through whatever he’s playing with at any given moment and I don’t need batter all over my floor.

  7. Lisa says:

    I don’t find any humor with a cussing toddler, especially when my husband and I have gone out of our way not to cuss in front of our 5-year old. Of coure, she’s heard the very rare slip-up. But luckily, I’ve never heard a bad word come out of her mouth. I can’t wait until she comes home and drops the F-bomb, after hearing it from one of her classmates! Honestly, I can’t believe any good parents would want to hear sailor talk out of their kids at this age.

  8. Hanni says:

    I love this post – Violet is SUCH a cutie! We’re all about the McDonald’s fries, too…love those damn things! And the smooches and the dog love and the music…all wonderful things for her to pick up (along with how to appropriately use certain words – priceless). My beautiful daughter is now five, and I still have a hard time believing how fast it all goes. Too, too fast.

  9. Ankh says:

    I have one German parent and one American parent. I didn’t know what the “f-word” was in English till I was about 11 (up until then, I thought it was “fart”), but had a complete German cursing vocabulary by the age of five (and a partial one by 2).

  10. Juli says:

    I love all the photos but I especially love The Foodie. A girl after my own culinary heart.

  11. D says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s kid calls out”fries” any time he sees those golden arches. The kid has a speech delay, and for the longest time knew like 15 words, but you bet your sweet ass he knew the word fries and what building they came from!

  12. Sadie says:

    people need to stfu about the cursing. i highly doubt ANY parent would purposely sit there and teach a child to say fuck or damn or shit the way they purposely teach them to say mommy and daddy. so just stop. it was obviously an accident.

    anyway, you have an absolutely gorgeous little girl!!

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