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10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

My toddler is pretty wonderful. As much as I have moments of frustration, I’ve definitely been blessed with a fun and fantastic girl. As she gets older, I am finding many things that I really admire in her and there’s just something so wonderful about viewing the world through the untainted eyes of a little one. I hope that she holds on to some of these things and doesn’t let the world make her too hard.

I love seeing her little personality blossom and there are already a great many ways I wish I was more like my toddler. Here are a just few…

  • 1. She remembers everything. I remember nothing. 1 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    I seriously have the worst memory ever. Instead of my husband being the one who forgets anniversaries and special dates, it's usually me. My daughter on the other hand? She's like an elephant who never forgets. It's kind of awesome... except when she remembers things I don't want her to repeat.


  • 2. She has no fear 2 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    This kid is pretty fearless. Part of that is a toddler thing, since they don't always grasp consequences yet, but a big part of it is just her being who she is. I am such a worrier and cautious by nature, so I love that my girl is fearless when it comes to new challenges... even if it's also kind of terrifying for me to watch sometimes.

  • 3. She is way more charming and socially adept 3 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    Now, I'm not totally socially awkward or anything, but I definitely wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm charming or a pro at social scenes. My toddler on the other hand? She has charm like nobody's business -- and she definitely knows how to turn it on for a crowd. She's also incredibly social and rarely do we meet someone that she won't immediately chat up.

  • 4. She has better hair 4 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    It's the perfect texture with just enough curl to keep her from rocking the toddler mullet. Granted, it's pretty crazy some mornings, but usually looks at least 10 times better than my hair.

  • 5. She lives with abandon 5 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    I love how free my toddler is. I realize this is a kid thing, but it's still such a joy to watch. As a mama who is often a bit self-conscious, I love seeing her live life with such abandon -- she sings like no one is listening and dances like no one is watching. Impromptu dance party with Minnie Mouse in front of a massive group of strangers waiting in line? Why not! It makes me so happy.

  • 6. She can carry a better tune 6 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    I can carry a tune, but this girl has an ear for music that blows my mind sometimes. Before she could ever talk, she was humming tunes and she can remember a song after hearing it only once or twice. It's so fun to see this area that she loves and excels at. I secretly wish I had more of a knack for it.

  • 7. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff 7 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    I have a natural inclination to be a worrier and to get hung up on details. Something small can often ruin my entire day. I wish I was a little more like my daughter when it came to not sweating the small stuff. Sure she has the occasional tantrum, but for the most part she takes things in stride and lets most things just roll off her back. 


  • 8. She is better at identifying her emotions 8 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    Obviously, as an adult, I have more names for my emotions. But my daughter seems to have an emotional awareness that will one day far outshine my own. She is quick to let us know when she's feeling happy, sad or "canky" (cranky) and she's very in tune with the emotions of others. If someone is sad her entire countenance changes to concern and when we read books she's very interested in the expressions on the character's faces. The other day she was incredibly upset over a sad character in one of our Dr. Seuss books (SuSu the Snoo) and insisted "We have to make SuSu happy!," so we got out a pen and fixed it so SuSu now looks happy. It made her entire day.

  • 9. She has a cuter closet 9 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    Seriously... this kid's wardrobe? Out of control cute. I'm a bit envious of most of her clothes... and also the fact that everything looks cute on a toddler!

  • 10. She’s better with electronics than I am 10 of 10
    10 Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Toddler

    I'm completely inept when it comes to technology. Perhaps it's her fearlessness when it comes to errant button-pushing, but whatever the case, she's often better at figuring out electronics than I am.


Lauren Hartmann is the founder of The Little Things We Do, a blog about life and adventures in Portland Oregon. Follow her on TwitterFacebookPinterest and Instagram or catch up on all of her posts here on Babble.


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