10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Toddler


Raise your hand if you turn out your lights for an hour on Earth Hour.

Hey, me too! It feels good to do a little something for this cool planet we live on.

Did you know there’s an entire day to celebrate the Earth and ways to sustain it? Earth Day is on April 22, 2013 and it’s a day to celebrate the Earth, commit “green acts” like planting a tree, and learning ways to keep our planet safe and happy. I think it’s such an important lesson for toddlers because (at the risk of being cheesey), they are the world. They are the future. They are….wait, isn’t this a song?

So here’s a round-up of some cool crafts, food, and activities to do with your toddler to celebrate the other awesome Mother we all know – Mother Earth!

  • Create an egg carton garden 1 of 11
    Create an egg carton garden
    Just a pack of seeds and one week later, you'll have a garden!
    Source: Simple Mom Media
  • Eat Earth pancakes for breakfast 2 of 11
    Eat Earth pancakes for breakfast
    YUM! Start the day off right with some fun pancakes to set the mood.
    Source: Preschool Creative Food blog
  • Make a soda bottle terrarium 3 of 11
    Make a soda bottle terrarium
    I remember making these as a kid and LOVING this activity! Just be sure to keep some of your bottles out fo the recycling bin!
    Source: Teaching Tiny Tots
  • Make art from recyclables 4 of 11
    Make art from recyclables
    Like this rocket ship made from toilet paper rolls!
    Source: No Time for Flash Cards
  • Make a coffee filter water color Earth 5 of 11
    Make a coffee filter water color Earth
    How gorgeous is this craft? Beautiful! He can do the water colors, but he'll need help with the hands.
    Source: Preschool Crafts for Kids
  • Play eye spy on a nature walk 6 of 11
    Play eye spy on a nature walk
    Get out on a walk with a pen and pad of paper - make a list of things to find or things that you've never seen before! Talk about how to make sure these things last forever, like preserving forests.
  • Read books on trash and recycling 7 of 11
    Read books on trash and recycling
    Toddlers love messy stuff, so talk about recycling. You can even have her help you take the recycling out, or decorate a bin with stickers specifically for your empty cans!
  • Plan activities that require no electricity 8 of 11
    Plan activities that require no electricity
    Playdoh, building a fort, reading, napping, going for a walk...challenge yourself to keep the television off all day and to walk wherever you need to go!
  • Garden together 9 of 11
    Garden together
    Plant a tree or bush or even some flowers! Give back to the earth!
  • Make a lunch that doesn’t require actual cooking 10 of 11
    Make a lunch that doesn't require actual cooking
    Save some energy with that stove and microwave. Pull out sandwiches and fresh fruit and cheese...maybe have a picnic?
  • image-3485 11 of 11
    Click through for ten ways to celebrate Earth Day with your toddler!

 p.s. over & out for my cheesiest post of the year!


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