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10 Ways You Know You Have a Toddler

Yup... I have a toddler!

When I was driving my kids to the farm the other day on a non pre-school day, listening to the boys bicker in the back seat made me start a list… You know you have a toddler if…

Yup, because that is how ideas for blog posts come to me… while driving, observing my kids… you know all those things we do on a daily basis as a mom.

From the classic phrases I use during the day, to simply not being phased by poop, puke, or any other bodily function that my kids can come up with. 

I think anyone who has a toddler, or two can completely relate to these… please comment with your own as well!

  • Daily Used Phrases 1 of 10
    Daily Used Phrases
    Some of the phrases that you use daily include: "Don't bite your brother" and "Is that chocolate... or poop?"
  • You Count Down Till School 2 of 10
    You Count Down Till School
    No matter what day of the week it is... you count down til the next day of school praying for an hour or two of peace!
  • They are Plotting to Kill You! 3 of 10
    They are Plotting to Kill You!
    You start to think that you have a price on your head because of all the death trap toys hidden around the house in strategic places.
    Click here for more dangerous toddler toys!
  • Poop No Longer Fazes You! 4 of 10
    Poop No Longer Fazes You!
    Is it on your pants? Maybe smeared on your hand during a diaper change? It just doesn't faze you anymore...
  • Selective Hearing! 5 of 10
    Selective Hearing!
    Selective hearing automatically kicks in. You don't even need to try and tone things out anymore!
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  • Say Goodbye To Peeing Alone! 6 of 10
    Say Goodbye To Peeing Alone!
    MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY! Let me in! BANG BANG BANG! That is what I hear every time I step foot into the bathroom and close the door. If you have a toddler... you will never pee alone again!
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  • You Become a Bartering Expert 7 of 10
    You Become a Bartering Expert
    Everything comes with a price tag with toddlers. Bartering is your friends, and when you have these pint size prizes for your kids it will make life so much easier... sometimes!
  • Mommy Needs a TIME OUT! 8 of 10
    Mommy Needs a TIME OUT!
    When I send my boys to their room for a time out, sometimes they snap back at me with... "Mommy YOU need a time out!" Yes, children... yes I do. A time out in my bedroom, with a glass of wine and maybe even a nice massage!
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  • Mommy Better Share! 9 of 10
    Mommy Better Share!
    If you have a toddler... nothing is solely YOURS anymore. Everything you own is instantly community property.
  • Smiles! Lots of Smiles! 10 of 10
    Smiles!  Lots of Smiles!
    You know you have a toddler if you are always smiling! There is nothing better than your kids right?


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