11 Things I Appreciate More Without a Toddler Around

This is certainly not a toddler bashing post, it’s more of a reality check for me to realize how many simple everyday things I appreciate more when I am able to do them on my own. Taking a toddler with you anywhere is similar to taking a little time bomb with you, only the time bomb has no clock to alert you to when the bomb will detonate. Some days we have an amazing time together, sure things take longer with car seat loading and unloading as well as strollers, snacks and shopping carts, but we have a good time. Other times everything goes to crap and what was supposed to be several quick errands turns into one giant failure. What follows are the simple things I delight in these days when I have the opportunity to do them without the grabby hands and meltdown potential of a toddler. (Admit it, going to the doctor without children could almost be considered ‘me time.’)

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    Things I Appreciate More Without a Toddler
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  • Airplane Rides 2 of 12
    Airplane Rides
    This one needs NO explanation. But I will say that when I fly without my kids I am hyper aware of other parents with children, especially if they are alone. I've never had a problem switching seats, carrying bags or moving things around for parents traveling with very small children. I've been that parent, and it can be pretty terrible.
  • Cooking 3 of 12
    Vivi is a bossy little human that insists on seeing everything I do and will push me away from the stove until I pick her up and show her. Cooking one handed with a toddler on my hip is terribly unproductive, especially when said toddler is begging for the dinner ingredients before dinner. I love cooking dinner for my family, but it's always kind of an adventure to see how much I am able to get done with Vivi around.
  • Avocados, Strawberries, Bananas and Eggs 4 of 12
    Avocados, Strawberries, Bananas and Eggs
    While I love that my toddler loves all of the aforementioned foods, I do not love sharing with her for two reasons. 1) The child can eat her weight in all of them. 2) She gets mad when I eat my own food because clearly it is ALL HERS. Alas, I share, because that's what grownups do.
  • Hotel Rooms 5 of 12
    Hotel Rooms
    I prefer to maintain a sense of order in hotel rooms, one I cannot attain at home with so many people, cats and stuff. It's so nice to know that as long as you take care of your own stuff, someone else will come in at some point and take care of the rest, that never happens at my house. Being trapped in a hotel room with a toddler is a sort of special parenting test, how creative can you be with no DVR, one chair, two beds and a lamp? GO! (I also prefer sleeping alone in them as well. Shh, don't tell my husband.)
  • Bookstores and Libraries 6 of 12
    Bookstores and Libraries
    I'm a book browser. I like to read the backs, look for the best cover, scan a few pages, compare, and enjoy the silence that is unique to libraries and bookstores. This is not possible with little people in tow. At least not for me. Buckle them into the stroller, they're screaming to get out. Let them wander free, something always goes awry. Take them to the children's section? You'd better be ready to sit down and read the same book seven times and just give up on your dream of finding whatever you came looking for.
  • Mornings 7 of 12
    On the rare occasion I can wake up and get ready for the day on my own schedule one could easily mistake me for a morning person, perhaps I am one hiding under a heavy cloud of toddler haze. While I love snuggling that warm little body fresh from her bed, I'm much more productive in the early hours when it's just me. (I can't even remember what my mornings were like before I had kids.)
  • Parking Lots 8 of 12
    Parking Lots
    Vivi turns into a TOAD in parking lots. I have to maintain a death grip on her little wrist as she has a terrible tendency of either running away or going boneless with the intention of simply sitting in the middle of the parking lot. She doesn't do these things anywhere else except where cars drive, it's terrifying and infuriating.
  • Clothing Shopping 9 of 12
    Clothing Shopping
    I don't mind grocery shopping with my kids, I am far more efficient without them, but I have no problem with them tagging along. I also don't mind shoe shopping with either one or both of them because they love trying on shoes as much as I do and when a toddler puts on a 5" pair of heels they aren't going anywhere fast. Clothing shopping is another story because it involves dressing rooms. Vivi just reached the "peek under the door of every other dressing room" age. She's also taken to darting underneath between rooms when I am less than decent. The good news? I've saved a ton on clothing because I just don't go out anymore.
  • Showers 10 of 12
    If I shower when Vivi's around she demands to get in with me. I don't mind too much aside from the fact she insists on poking my bellybutton and pinching my pink parts. Showers, no matter how long they are, are just more efficient when you're the only person you have to worry about.
  • Doctor’s Visits 11 of 12
    Doctor's Visits
    I don't like bringing my older daughter to doctor's appointments because she can understand what is going on. I don't like taking Vivi because she tries to lick the floor (of all the places to lick the floor child!), tear the scopes off the wall and steal all the tongue depressors. Also toddler math deems that you will have to wait double the time to meet with your doctor than you would if you were without child.
  • Laundry 12 of 12
    I don't mind laundry a whole lot, but I do mind when I get it all done and Vivi turns it into her fortress. She also has a terrible habit of pulling out Addie's underpants and wearing them on her head. Folding laundry with a toddler around? Olympic sport material right there my friends.

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