12 Ways Husbands are Just Like Toddlers


My husband... Playing with my ToddlersIt wasn’t until the other night I realized how much my toddlers and husband are alike.  Just like how moms and their toddlers are alike…

It was actually kind of comical at first, and I tried to coax my husband into making a video blog post about it, with me and the kids. But unfortunately for me, and my readers… he doesn’t care for the video camera, or really being in the limelight.

There went my golden idea!

But I reached out to my readers to see how they their their husbands and toddlers are alike as well, and boy did you guys deliver!  Mixed in with my own list, I got some great ones submitted, and of course everyone has been credited!

If you have one to include feel free to leave a comment below!

  • They Leave the Toilet Seat Up 1 of 12
    They Leave the Toilet Seat Up
    Never fails! It is three in the morning and you stumble into the bathroom to fall in after realizing one of the males in your house left the toilet seat up! They never grow out of it!
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  • They Complain about Dinner 2 of 12
    They Complain about Dinner
    No matter what you make, someone is going to complain that it isn't chicken nuggets, or you aren't a five star chef.
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  • They Cry When You Change the Channel! 3 of 12
    They Cry When You Change the Channel!
    Whether you are turning off Sunday night football or Dora the Explorer... someone is going to end up getting their feelings hurt! (Submitted by Vicki R)
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  • They Can Break ANYTHING! 4 of 12
    They Can Break ANYTHING!
    Seriously, toddlers and husbands can literally break anything. One time my husband actually cracked the windshield of my car by accident while trying to KILL a Mosquito! NO JOKE!
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  • They are Obsessed with Fire Trucks 5 of 12
    They are Obsessed with Fire Trucks
    When they are toddlers they want to play with them, when they are adults they want to become a fire man! Especially in my house!
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  • They have the Same Listening Skills 6 of 12
    They have the Same Listening Skills
    Ever try and get your husband or toddler to actually REALLY listen to you? Yeah... in one ear and right out the other! (Submitted by Jenn S)
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  • Neither Can Care for Themselves When They Are Sick! 7 of 12
    Neither Can Care for Themselves When They Are Sick!
    Husbands become instant toddlers the moment they have a sniffle of the flu. And of course, neither can take care of themselves. Our husbands instantly become our children when they are sick! (Submitted by Amy)
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  • They Leave Their Crap EVERYWHERE! 8 of 12
    They Leave Their Crap EVERYWHERE!
    Yes, they leave their stuff all over the damn place! Bathroom, bedroom, living room... there are always traces of them where they go. (And this one was submitted by the husband himself! Hillard B.)
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  • Their Perception of Time SUCKS! 9 of 12
    Their Perception of Time SUCKS!
    They have no sense of time at all. Seriously! And if the husband and toddler are together... it is even worse! (Submitted by Jaime A)
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  • When They are Tired… They Do nothing but WHINE! 10 of 12
    When They are Tired... They Do nothing but WHINE!
    They can't hold a conversation, or articulate what is going on with... they just whine, and cry, and whine, and moan... (Submitted by KC)
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  • They Can’t Dress Themselves! 11 of 12
    They Can't Dress Themselves!
    You know it is true too! Try and get your husband to pick something acceptable out! And he will end up looking like my three year old in this photo! (Submitted by Alyssa)
  • They have NO FILTER! 12 of 12
    They have NO FILTER!
    No matter what pops up into their head... it comes directly out of their mouth! (Submitted by Alyssa)
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