13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets


When I was a kid I always wanted a nativity set, but alas we never had one. Maybe this is why I got so excited about finding a nativity set for my daughter this year, even though she’s still a little small to “get it”, I still thought it would be fun. And I’m happy to say that my daughter is pretty smitten with the set we ended up choosing.

I searched high and low looking for the right set for us and found some pretty great ones along the way. Here are a few of the most toddler-friendly options I found in my search!

  • No Room at the Inn Nativity Set 1 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    An adorable soft nativity set. This is a great option if you have younger siblings around. Totally safe!

    Purchase for £18 from Great Little Trading Co.

  • Haba Nativity Play Scene 2 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    One of my friends got this nativity set for her little boy and it's so cute! It reminds me of a little storybook Bible I had as a kid.

    Purchase for $54.00 from Baby Dada Boutique


  • Playmobil Nativity Manger Stable Set 3 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    This is the nativity I ended up getting for my daughter, because I didn't feel like ordering online and I got a good deal on it the day after Thanksgiving. I will say a few things about this set: 1. It is definitely better for older toddlers, because there are a lot of small pieces, 2. You have to have a PhD in rocket science to put this thing together, 3. My daughter LOVES it. I was a little surprised by all the small pieces, since it had been awhile since I'd played with any Playmobil toys, but since we already bought it, I decided to take away all the tiny accessories and store them away for later (i.e. that angel wand among others) so she could use it now. She's obsessed with Baby Jesus and carries him all over the house "Baby Jesus with us Mama!" I also got rid of the cheesy cardboard background immediately and it looks way better and is easier to store now.

    Purchase for $26.95 from Barnes & Noble

  • Bamboo Nativity Set 4 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    I love this bamboo nativity set. Especially the animals...and the stable...and the tiny little manger. SO cute!

    Purchase for $139.99 from Toys R Us

  • Seedling Create a Wooden Family Set 5 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    I actually purchased this set to DIY my own nativity set for next year while they were having a sale at Zulilly. The wooden peg people are bigger than others I've seen and will give me the option of getting creative. I wasn't feeling up to a DIY project this year, but am looking forward to making these next year to have a prettier set to keep out on display.

    Purchase for $24.00 from Amazon


  • Silent Night Wooden Nativity Set 6 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    These are what I envision my little DIY peg people project for next year to look like. Although, let's be real, my craft skills aren't quite that good. These are a great option for the crafting impaired.

    Purchase for £37 from Great Little Trading Co.

  • Engelberg Nativity Set 7 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    OK, I'll be the first to admit that this nativity set is obscenely expensive, which is why I didn't purchase it, but can we please talk about how amazing it is? If I could convince my husband that a nativity set was an "investment" this would totally be mine. I like that it's simple and rustic, but still has faces on the pieces. I'm not a big fan of the faceless nativity sets.

    Purchase for $279.00 from Nova Natural

  • MinnieFolk Nativity 8 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    A sweet and simple little nativity set. These are made locally (to me) in Oregon and are handmade and painted with non-toxic paints and sealants. So lovely. A simple way to introduce a nativity without having 8,000,000 pieces around.

    Purchase for $39.00 from Minnie and the Monster on Etsy


  • Modern Nativity Set 9 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    Basically just large wooden blocks. A great option for minimalists and still fun for kids. The youngest kids might be a little confused about what the people are shaped like, but the animals will still be easy to make out. Plus, this set will look pretty sitting out!

    Purchase for $70.00 from Manzanita Kids on Etsy


  • Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set 10 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    This Little People nativity scene is a classic. Kids love Little People, so this set is sure to be a hit.

    Purchase for $29.99 from Toys R Us


  • Melissa & Doug Nativity Set 11 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    A great wooden nativity option by Melissa & Doug!

    Purchase for $24.34 from Amazon


  • Holy Family 12 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    These little beauties are handmade in Germany and they are so lovely.

    Purchase for $54.95 from Christmas in Germany


  • Crochet Christmas Nativity PDF Pattern 13 of 13
    13 Toddler-Friendly Nativity Sets

    Another cute DIY option if you know how to crochet. It's available for instant download too, so if you're fast you could have this whipped up before Christmas!

    Purchase for $7.99 from Gourmet Crochet on Etsy


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