17 Facts About Addie at 17 Months

It is hard to believe our little girl just turned 17 months old. It seems like just yesterday I had just learned I  was pregnant and joined the staff here on Babble. In reality, that was over two years ago.

Many have followed our journey with our little girl since then, through my bumpy pregnancy, surprise delivery, and her first year which of course wasn’t without a bump including a helmet.

Now we are well into toddlerhood and she is certainly a character. I never thought she would have such a bold personality. I guess she is going to follow in my footsteps.

In light of her newest 17 month milestone, I wanted to tell you guys a little about her these days. Since I haven’t really done one of these in forever… we are going to learn 17 facts about Addie these days.

You ready?


  • She is Jealous of ANYONE with her Daddy 1 of 17
    She is Jealous of ANYONE with her Daddy
    If anyone goes near Daddy for attention, she FREAKS out! Me, her brothers, friends, anyone! She is POSSESSIVE over him! It is actually pretty comical to watch!
  • Addie HATES Being Alone 2 of 17
    Addie HATES Being Alone
    I think it is the fact that there has always been someone around her since the day she was born, but if she is alone whether it is in her crib at night for bed, or just a couple minutes in another room while I run to the bathroom, she FLIPS out. We have pinpointed it to being alone, which is adorable. But totally stressful too!
  • Her Nickname is Beeps 3 of 17
    Her Nickname is Beeps
    Addie somehow ended up with the nickname of Beeps or Beep Beeps. It started with me, and I think it morphed from calling her BeeBee for being the baby. She totally responds to it now too!
  • She Uses Three Words 4 of 17
    She Uses Three Words
    Her vocabulary is growing very slowly, but right now she says Doggie, Da Da and Ma Ma. I am surprised she doesn't have the vocabulary of a five year old considering her brothers are both motor mouths!
  • Weighing In At… 5 of 17
    Weighing In At...
    Addie now weighs 20 pounds and 13 ounces and is a whole 30 inches tall. She is tiny just like me! Which is good and bad I guess!
  • Addie Weaned 6 of 17
    Addie Weaned
    At the start of August when I went to BlogHer, Addie weaned. It has really been bitter sweet, and I miss cuddling up with her at night to nurse because that is what we were down to when she stopped. I am certainly proud we made it as long as we did though!
  • She Loves Fire Trucks! 7 of 17
    She Loves Fire Trucks!
    Addison loves the fire trucks just as much as her brothers do! Since Daddy is a fireman we spend a lot of time at his fire house, and now that she is walking, she could spend hours just walking laps around all the trucks!
  • Look Out! She is a CLIMBER! 8 of 17
    Look Out! She is a CLIMBER!
    No matter where she is, or what she is going, she is trying to climb something. Stairs, out of her crib, onto her kitchen set... you name it and she wants to climb it! Her favorite dangerous hobby!
  • She is a Shoe Lover! 9 of 17
    She is a Shoe Lover!
    I think it may just be genetic for the females in my family, but she loves shoes. Unlike her brothers who constantly pulled them off at her age, she keeps them on and actually LIKES them!
  • She May Go to College with her Bink 10 of 17
    She May Go to College with her Bink
    I don't know if it is the fact that she is the third child, or it will be such a battle to wean her from the pacifier. But damn... If it helps her sleep since she STILL gets up in the middle of the night... I am going to use it!
    But in all reality, it needs to go, and soon!
  • She Chases the Cat 11 of 17
    She Chases the Cat
    Remember ALF? How he loved cats SO MUCH? Well so does Addie! Whenever she sees out cat Pesky she BOLTS towards him till he runs and hides. They used to cuddle together at night, but once she became interested in him, he became UNINTERESTED in her! Ha!!
  • La La Loopsy’s, Little People Princess and Pony’s! 12 of 17
    La La Loopsy's, Little People Princess and Pony's!
    Addie has a very strict list of favorite toys she likes to play with. Which include My Little Pony's (one of my childhood favorites) La La Loopsy's and the new Princess line of Little People!
  • She Eats More Than Her Brothers 13 of 17
    She Eats More Than Her Brothers
    She is a monster when it comes to food! A complete bottomless pit! In fact, she eats more than her brothers do! Hands down!
  • Sleeps With Her Bear 14 of 17
    Sleeps With Her Bear
    Addie has this flat teddy bear she sleeps with every night. It is adorable, she uses it as a pillow. But she won't sleep without it!
  • She Loves to Sing and Dance 15 of 17
    She Loves to Sing and Dance
    When you put on music she will start to dance, and try to sing. It is more like a little hum that goes along with the music, but it is adorable! No matter what kind of music it is, she will get down!
  • She ADORES her Brothers 16 of 17
    She ADORES her Brothers
    And they absolutely adore her also! It is such a special bond to watch formed!
  • She Loves Minnie Mouse 17 of 17
    She Loves Minnie Mouse
    She is obsessed with Minnie Mouse. I actually think she may be Minnie for Halloween because it would excite her! Ha!

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