20 Ways to Save Your Sanity, Moms!

Mmmm Spa Day!

Motherhood is not glamourous, or a walk in the park. It is stressful, trying, and of course extremely rewarding.  But sometimes we really need time to ourself.

I have noticed that the moms who don’t routinely take time for themselves, like myself, often find themselves on the verge of a white padded room with a serious loss of sanity!

I started really thinking about all the little ways, and things I want to do just to get away for a couple hours and really have some me time. 

I put together a list of great things moms can do to unwind, and take back their lives for a little while, while the kids hang with someone else.   Because a couple hours isn’t going to kill them, or you!

Remember, to be the best mom you can be, you need time to yourself… that is one of my keys to parenting, as well as many other moms.

What is your favorite way to take time to yourself?

  • Go See A Movie! 1 of 20
    Go See A Movie!
    Take your husband, or one of your girlfriends and go see a movie!
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  • Get a Manicure! 2 of 20
    Get a Manicure!
    Even though the kids may ruin it, come on who doesn't love relaxing while you have your nails done, and the pretty nails are just a plus!
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  • Get a Facial! 3 of 20
    Get a Facial!
    Extremely relaxing for some women, I know my own mother goes every couple months!
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  • Retail Therapy! 4 of 20
    Retail Therapy!
    Go shopping! Buy yourself something nice, and new! We have to treat ourselves sometimes, and who doesn't love a good sale?
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  • Go for Coffee 5 of 20
    Go for Coffee
    Whether it is with a friend, or alone... even with your laptop, take yourself out for a simple cup of coffee, or your favorite Starbucks treat. It will help you to relax! I promise! I do it!
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  • Get a Massage! 6 of 20
    Get a Massage!
    Go ahead! Book a massage and relax a little! Nothing better than a good massage, actually that reminds me to go book one!
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  • Take a Nap! 7 of 20
    Take a Nap!
    Seriously... sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered. Occasionally my husband will take the kids out while I take a little nap and it works wonders!
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  • Go out for Drinks! 8 of 20
    Go out for Drinks!
    Go out for drinks with your girlfriends! It is a blast, heck that is my favorite way to get out of the house, although it only happens about once every six months!
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  • Head to the Bookstore 9 of 20
    Head to the Bookstore
    It is nice and quiet, peaceful, you can hear yourself think and of course scope out some new books!
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  • Go to the Gym! 10 of 20
    Go to the Gym!
    It is good for you and of course it is a great way to relive stress! At least it is for me!
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  • Pedicure Time! 11 of 20
    Pedicure Time!
    Have a pedicure... if you are anything like me it is probably the most relaxing thing for you!
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  • Go on a Date! 12 of 20
    Go on a Date!
    Take your husband, or partner and go out on a date. Doesn't have to be dinner, or a movie... just get out of the house together!
  • Do Yoga! 13 of 20
    Do Yoga!
    (Submitted by Gail!) It seems like it would be really relaxing right? I mean, it is pretty peaceful, so I certainly plan to give it a try!
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  • Have a Fancy Dinner 14 of 20
    Have a Fancy Dinner
    Go out for a fancy dinner! You can do it alone, with someone, make it a date night, girls night out... whatever! Just enjoy something you didn't have to cook!
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  • Go Hiking 15 of 20
    Go Hiking
    Go for a hike, or even just a walk! (Submitted by Sarah)
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  • Zumba! 16 of 20
    If you haven't tried it, get on it! It is SO much fun! And it is also a great work out! Sometimes that is what we all need to get our stress out! (Submitted by Christine)
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  • Go on a Mini-Vacation 17 of 20
    Go on a Mini-Vacation
    Go on an overnight trip, with girlfriends, your husband, or even just do it alone! Only a night or two, but it would be a blast right? (Submitted by Nancy T)
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  • Go to the Beach 18 of 20
    Go to the Beach
    If you live near a beach, go to the beach! Take a walk on the beach, relax, soak up some sun... clear your mind! (Submitted by Linda F)
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  • Take a Bath! 19 of 20
    Take a Bath!
    This is my favorite! Bath time is my time to just ignore everyone and relax! Lots of bubbles too!
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  • Take up a Hobby! 20 of 20
    Take up a Hobby!
    Whether it is crafts, photography, writing, or knitting... take up a hobby you can use as your own personal time! (Jamie Marie suggested Scrapbooking!)
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