25 Fun Toddler Activities for Your Summer Bucket List


Keep your toddler busy this summer with a summer bucket list!  Here is a round-up of 25 fun activities to keep your little one busy during the hots months of summer. Say no to bored and yes to fun!

  • Summer Bucket List 1 of 26
    summer bucket list

    Plan your toddler's summer with this handy dandy list of fun summer-time activities!

  • Masking Tape Race Track 2 of 26

    Create a masking tape race track for cars. Perfect for those HOT summer days where the heat is just too hot to play outside.

    Source: Momaha

  • DIY Sprinkler 3 of 26

    With a plastic bottle and a drill, create a DIY sprinkler. Your toddler will love running thru the water, perfect for cooling off.

    Source: Housing a Forest

  • Water Wall 4 of 26

    Just think how much fun your little ones will have playing with a water wall!

    Source: Playing by the Book

  • Outdoor Water Bed 5 of 26

    How COOL is this??? It's a giant water bed made out of a tarp and duct tape.

    Source: Utah County Mom

  • DIY Splash Pad 6 of 26
    DIY splash pad

    Using a tarp, a sprinkler and some balls - make your own splash pad.

    Source: 1 Little Dude and 3 Little Ladies

  • Air Fort 7 of 26

    Make this for the toddlers? I want to do this for me! How fun is this! Using a sheet, packaging tape and a fan make an air fort for your kids.

    Source: Mom Trusted

  • Kiddie Car Wash 8 of 26

    Your little one will love riding his scooter, or driving his push car thru this kiddie car wash!

    Source: momendeavors.com

  • Lemonade Stand 9 of 26

    Create a classic childhood memory - throw a lemonade stand with your toddler. Teach your child how to give - give the money to charity.

    Source: lilluna.com

  • Soap Boat Races 10 of 26

    With a rain gutter, a few bars of soap, tooth pics, fabric, scissors and a glue gun - race bars of soap!

    Source: iheartnaptime.com

  • Spray Sidewalk Chalk 11 of 26

    Sidewalk fun with spray sidewalk chalk.

    Source: thirtyhandmadedays.com

  • DIY Bird Feeder 12 of 26

    Our toddlers love to watch the birds eat thru our kitchen window.  Using a soda bottle, make your bird feeder.

    Source: spoonful.com

  • Backyard Teepee 13 of 26

    Watch your kids enjoy hours of play in a backyard teepee!

    Source: spoonful.com

  • Solar Oven 14 of 26

    Make a solar oven and make yummy smores!

    Source: Kids Activities Blog

  • Chalk Dress-Up Dolls 15 of 26

    Add a twist to chalk play!  Make dress-up dolls by having your toddlers put clothes on the doll outlines drawn on the sidewalk.

    Source: theiowafarmerswife.com

  • Ice Cream in a Bag 16 of 26

    Make ice cream in a bag. Your toddler will love helping put ingredients in a ziploc bag and freezing.  The ice cream only needs to be put in the freezer for 5 minutes, so perfect for impatient toddlers.

    Source: spoonful.com

  • Movie Night 17 of 26

    Make cardboard cars and throw a toddler movie night!

    Source: ladybirdln.com

  • Picnic 18 of 26

    Pull out your toddler's favorite dolls or stuffed animals and throw a picnic.

    Source: 2plug1dotme2.wordpress.com

  • Scavenger Hunt 19 of 26

    Take your toddler on a scavenger hunt.

    Source: handsonaswegrow.com

  • Water Pinatas 20 of 26

    Hang filled water balloons from a play structure and watch as your toddlers pop them.

    Source: scraphappyheather.blogspot.com

  • Human Bubble 21 of 26

    Make a bubble surround your toddler!

    Source: onecharmingparty.com

  • Costume Day 22 of 26

    Play dress-up for the day.  Have your little girls dress up as their favorite fairy or princess and your son as his favorite cartoon character.  Let them play in character all day!

    Source: disneystore.com

  • Bowling 23 of 26

    Take your toddlers bowling for free!

    Source: kidsbowlfree.com

  • Outdoor Twister 24 of 26

    Take Twister outdoors. What a great way to teach toddlers their colors as well.

    Source: youplusmeforalways.blogspot.com

  • Ball Pit 25 of 26

    Create an indoor (or outside) ball pit! Throw a bunch of small plays into a kiddie pool and watch the kids go to town.

    Source: spoonful.com

  • Condensed Milk Paint 26 of 26

    Your toddler will be licking their art! Make condensed milk paint.

    Source: ecemadeeasy.com


From water play to indoor crafts this list has you covered. Pick and choose your favorite activities from the follow list of 25.  Then print out this free summer bucket list template and start checking off the boxes.

Summer Bucket List Fun!


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