3-Year-Old Bests Me at Science (VIDEO)


Can you name all the elements in the Periodic Table of Elements? I sure can’t. But a 3-year-old girl named Rose has been identifying elements since she was 2 via flashcards.

Now she’s memorized Tom Lehrer’s “Element Song” so she can sing every element in a row with no prompting whatsoever.

Sure, some of the elements are mispronounced but as long as she can name more elements than oxygen and nitrogen, she’s got me beat.

It’s really very impressive and I hope Rose keeps it up because we need more girls to be interested in math and science.

Although, Dad reports that Rose’s favorite song right now has nothing to do with science. It’s Daft Punk’s “One More Time.” THAT, I can relate to.

Check out Rose singing all 118 elements below, including mouthfuls like Praseodymium, Mendelevium and Dyprosium.


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