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5 Reasons I am Offended by Time Magazine

By Danielle |


Time … Time … TIME!  Really?

More mom wars?

When I opened up my e-mail Thursday morning and saw a flood of press releases and information on Time’s newest cover I was immediately pissed — pissed off at the publisher, pissed off that mom wars are hitting the front page, and pissed that Time is going to make millions of dollars of off mom wars.

In a time where mothers need the support of each other so much, we are continuing to take every chance we can to throw each other under the bus. Pardon my French, but it is bullshit. This isn’t the only reason I have a bone to pick with Time. I’m mad not only as just a mother, but as a mother of a toddler who is still nursing — and I have zero plans on stopping anytime soon!

All over Babble writers have been buzzing! Some of the other articles have been awesome, check out this by Rebecca Odes and this great wrap up of many view points by Katherine Stone.

Now, let me get up on my soapbox and start my list of gripes!

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Time Magazine Has Gone Too Far

This is what breastfeeding really looks like!

Show of hands, how many of you take a small chair and have your toddler stand on it while you nurse them? Anyone? Bueller? EXACTLY! No one nurses on a damn chair in the middle of the room so you can stand up. It is unnatural, and not something mothers who are actually nursing toddlers do. That is strike one for the Time Magazine Cover

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0 thoughts on “5 Reasons I am Offended by Time Magazine

  1. Cassandra Watson says:


  2. Nikki says:

    I hear what you are trying to say and agree with the majority of your points. But where I disagree is your statement that attachment parents are “parents who actually are parenting on a deeper level.” I think statements like these are what gives attachment parents the “I’m superior” stereotype. I don’t believe that a certain parenting style gives you any more of a deeper level, bond or attachment to your child than the other.

    1. Danielle says:

      @Nikki – I didn’t mean it as a put down, I think it is just really hard to word the way attachment parents feel about their own parenting without saying “oh well they think they are doing a far better job because they do x, y, or z” because that would totally defeat the purpose of the post altogether!

  3. Monica says:

    Okay, I can’t stand it anymore! You wrote about this on your own blog Danielle and in the piece on your blog you write and I quote that Bristol Palin is a backyard blogging bumpkin. You also took shots at her for naming her child after a gun and for being an unwed teen mom. You were an unwed mother and you’re taking pot shots at another unwed mother. And you expect us to take you seriously when you write stuff like this? And then on top of it all in your piece on your blog you were all for the fact that this child was 3 and breastfeeding. It didn’t matter how old he looked. For the record he is almost 4. Not almost 3 like your “toddler”. And on top of it his mother appears to be pretty tall herself so it would make sense that the child looks bigger than yours considering he is almost a year older than him and perhaps comes from a stockier bunch. Perhaps this was all done for shock value and it certainly has worked because everyone is in a tizzy, but damn Danielle stop telling people how to do things when you yourself are guilty of the same damn things. You want to stop the mom wars? Then stop making such a big deal out of everything. Stop telling other moms that they are wrong for being unwed. Stop passing judgement on everyone around you. Because calling the voters of North Carolina bigots in the same post you are saying enough with the mom wars and calling another mother (no matter how famous) a backyard blogging bumpkin is hypocritical. So cut it out already!

    1. Danielle says:

      @Monica – I am not sure where you came up with most of what you just said. I have never, and would never attack or say anything about a woman choosing to be an unwed mother. I did not attack or take pot shots at anyone for their parenting period.
      As for social issues, I wills stand my ground and share my opinion. I do not put others down for their parenting choices, as I am against Mom wars. One last time, I have never made fun of someone or attacked someone for being an unwed mother.
      Also, since it seems to be an issue I didn’t say anything about Bristol Palin naming her son after a gun, the comment was addressing her son’s father Levi deciding it is “cute” to name his new child, a daughter after a gun, Baretta.

  4. Meagan says:

    “Apparently the point of the article in Time is to showcase Attachment Parenting and Dr. Sears.” Well no, the point was to sell magazines, in which they will undoubtably succeed. I believe the MOM chose to do the article to make extended breastfeeding more normative, but the motives of Time are pretty straightforward. So far all the complaints have made this article even more of a home run.

  5. Monica says:

    Are you saying that these are not your words: “But wait… do you hear that? That little tweet tweet birdy of nothingness blogging in Alaska? Oh you know… that teen mom who got knocked up by a guy who decided to name his second child after a god damn gun… Bristol lovely Palin.” Okay, so I misread the diss made at the father of Bristol’s child, but lets see why would you have to bring up the teen mom who got knocked up? What relevance does that have other than to make her look bad? And then are these not your words: “Not to mention that the backyard blogging bumpkin runs a blog that my work-at-home mom web designer could tear apart in a single sentence.” Also in reference to Bristol Palin. Is she not a mother? Did you not call her names and insult the design of her blog? How exactly are these words, your words, not insulting to another mother? You want to pick on a magazine cover for using words like Are you mom enough to start mom wars, then why aren’t your words just as bad? Or worse? Because she’s got money? Because she’s famous? She is a mother, no? Argue semantics all you want Danielle the words knocked up and teen mom don’t exactly scream someone who’s thrilled with this unwed mother and how it is that she became a mother. And you are calling another mother names. So please tell me how you are right and everyone else is wrong?

  6. Erin says:

    Lets not forget everything Danielle has had to say in regards to Michelle Duggar. Yet she wants everyone to mind their own uterus. Except Danielle. Everyones uterus is Danielles business. Just don’t bring hers up. Do as I say and not as I do. And Danielle would also like to believe she is much more AP than she really is. She likes to put on a show and try to get “readers” any way she can. Even if it is to pretend she is a Mormon and then when someone suggests a religion that is much more along the lines of what she believes she DELETES and BANS. If you dont agree with Danielle then be prepared to be banned and deleted. IF you show her the flip side to a coin or make a point that proves her wrong, she immediately screams TROLL

  7. Jenn says:

    “Shock media isn’t advocacy! ”

    Yes. This.

  8. Erin says:

    Since you have me blocked and banned from your facebook and you had no guts to bring it up over here… I made an honest suggestion on your facebook page in regards to your religion and how most of your beliefs go against the beliefs of the Mormon faith so I mentioned the Unitarian Universalist Church. It Jives with what you stand for and what you believe .Mormonism does NOT. Your Beliefs and the Mormon religion have NOTHING to do with Republican vs. Democrat (Liberal) so you make NO sense what so ever. The Mormons do not believe in having children out of wedlock or premarital sex yet you were engaging in that behavior right after you were “baptized” did you lie to the church to get baptized? You had a child out of wedlock. You are wanting more tattoos. You believe in abortion. You believe in gay marriage yet 74% of the students who are at BYU who are gay have contemplated suicide because of how much the Mormon faith does not approve of their sexuality. They try to PRAY away their gay feelings. THAT is why I believe you are not standing firm in your religious beliefs because your beliefs outside of the church do NOT coincide with the doctrine of Joseph Smith and the Mormon Faith. What don’t you understand? My comment on your facebook the other day was not rude. It made a suggestion. What are you scared of????? Baptism does NOT mean the rest of your life you are only able to associate with that religion. THAT is easy to understand. You think a Jewish baby must be a Jewish person as an adult? You think a Catholic must remain Catholic? A Muslim has to stay Muslim? Because that is what they were initially introduced to in whatever formality the religion practices? I would not have had to have this comment brought to Babble but since you are obviously threatened by anything I have to say, this is the place I could write it out for you.

  9. The Mommy Psychologist says:

    Apparently, no one was reading Time which is exactly why the editors published it. It was like dumping gasoline all over a simmering fire and then throwing a match on it. We all know what you get. A hell of an explosion. And we all proved we were lemmings. Meanwhile, all of the marketing executives and editors are high fiving each other backstage. I talk about the end of my role as a lemming here:

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