5 Reasons to Choose Organic Dairy

A headline in our newspaper the other morning read ” ‘Got Milk?’ Organic Milk Supply Low as Demand is Up”.  The article stated, “Even as more consumers are willing to pay premium prices for organic milk, supermarkets are having trouble keeping it on the shelves…”

Demand for organic milk and other dairy products has gone up, as more and more people are choosing to buy organic. And they have a good reason to. Choosing organic milk and dairy products over conventional dairy has both health benefits and environmental

Five Reasons it’s Important to Choose Organic Dairy

1. Produced without artificial growth hormones

Organic dairy products are produced without the use of bovine growth hormones, which are prohibited in Canada, Japan, Australia and the European Union, and some studies have linked to the growth of cancer. While it’s is fairly common to be able to find conventional milk that has been produced without the use of these hormones, when it comes to other forms of dairy – like yogurt, butter, etc., the type of milk used is usually unknown. By choosing all organic dairy products, you can be sure that you are avoiding these growth hormones for you and your family.

2. Produced without the use of antibiotics

Unsanitary living conditions, along with the effects of the use of growth hormones, contribute to high levels of infections in dairy cows that need to be treated with antibiotics. The overuse of antibiotics in conventional farming is a big concern, because it could lead to antibiotic resistant “super bugs”. These antibiotics are also passed on to humans through consumption of conventional  milk which leads to resistance of antibiotics prescribed at the doctor’s office. Organic dairy products are produced without the use of antibiotics.

3. Organic cows must have access to pasture

Organic farming standards dictate that dairy cows must have access to pasture for at least 120 days of the year, so that their diet includes at least 30% dry matter from the pasture. Cows that feed on grass produce milk that is healthier because it has higher levels of congugated linoleic acid (CLA), a heart-healthy unsaturated fat, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, and essential fatty acid that many of us lack. Access to pasture also means that the cows are able to roam freely instead of being kept in close, confined quarters, in essence, being able to act, and eat, like a cow should.

4. Organic cows are fed organic feed which is free from pesticides andGMO’s

Organic dairy cows are fed feed which is free from the use of toxic pesticides and GMOs. This is good for two reasons, first of all, the President’s Cancer Panel recommends eating foods grown and produced without pesticides to reduce the risk of cancer. And it is also good for the environment because it keeps these toxic pesticides from contaminating our environment.

5. It’s better for you, and your children

For all of these reason listed above, organic diary products, especially organic whole milk and dairy, are healthier than conventional diary. When you choose organic dairy products you know that you are giving your family food that is free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and GMOS, and full of healthy fats and other nutrients.

While, the cost of organic dairy may be a little bit more than conventional, you can make some easy changes to your lifestyle that will leave more room in your budget for buying organic, because it’s easy to see why it’s important to make choosing organic dairy a priority in your family’s diet.

A big thanks to YoBaby for sponsoring this campaign.  Click here to see more of the discussion.

Photo credit: L2F1/flickr

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