6 Children's Books I Dread Reading


At bedtime, Mazzy is allowed to pick three books from her rather large book selection. Many of her books are charming, but just as many of them are more annoying than watching a single episode of Elmo’s World playing on a loop.

Unfortunately, my daughter does not seem to know the difference.

Mazzy likes for me to sit in the rocker on the opposite side of the room while she carefully chooses her three bedtime books. I am allowed no say in the matter.

This means, I find myself PRAYING that Mazzy will not pick certain books that I have come to loathe. Books that I have literally fallen asleep in the middle of reading. Books that I suddenly remember I meant to give to Good Will but are still sitting scarily within reach on the shelf. Books that make me want to cut bedtime routine short, dump Mazzy in her crib and run out of the room screaming.

The following are six books that I would like officially banned from my house.