7 Kid-Friendly Nativity Scenes


nativity scenes for kidsChristmas to our family is more than opening gifts and seeing family. As Christians, it’s when our Savior was born. While we totally embrace secular parts of the Christmas holiday , at the core of the season, I want our kids to understand why our family celebrates Christmas.

In addition to the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and lights sits a nativity scene. Growing up this was always an off limits, don’t even think about touching it decoration. When we had our first child and decorated for Christmas, what was the first thing she decided to destroy? The nativity scene of course. After the destruction, we decided to find one that was kid-friendly. Thankfully these are becoming more and more common. If you are looking for a nativity scenes that your toddler can’t destroy (or better yet, that they can play with), look no further!

Here are 7 Kid Friendly Nativity Scenes:

Idea: One of my friends shared this idea that I thought was super cute. Put out your nativity scene, but hide Baby Jesus. Baby Jesus makes his appearance on Christmas day.

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