7 Thoughts of Toddler Moms at Christmastime, As Told Through Very Sarcastic E-Cards

Christmas e-card
We really are. Better than you, that is.

Christmastime can be tricky for moms of toddlers. We want our little ones to get in the holiday spirit; they don’t really know what’s going on. We’re anxious for them to “believe;” Santa scares the crap out of them. We decorate the tree; they tear down and break the ornaments. We give them gifts; they think the wrapping paper is the present. We want to spoil them; we don’t want them to get spoiled.

And people wonder why liquor sales go through the roof in December.

Here are seven e-cards from the hilariously disturbed folks at Someecards that pretty much sum it up for the moms of toddlers:


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